How To Get Review Copies Of Books

how do i get advanced reader copies of unpublished books.

i want to get these books, read ’em and review — how do i go about to do that? thanks has plenty of giveaways.

How can I send my book to Time Magazine to be reviewed.

How can I get the address/email/fax of Time Magazine to review my book?

If the book is already published, then your publisher or your agent (if you have one) should be the one to contact them. If your book is not yet published, then I’m afraid that you will have no chance. A big name like Time is only going to pay its reviewers to read and review a book that is selling millions of copies.

Read books online free

How to get an Advanced Reader Copy of novels.

I love to read. I just was wondering how to get early copies of the books. I’ve seen that some people get them

Become a reviewer for some somewhat-reputable book review site or section. Writing to the publisher may get you somewhere, but generally there’s an exchange involved.

How many copies of a book.

I ran into a copy of “Before I Go To Sleep” today that is the Advance Reader’s Edition, does anyone know how many copies of this there are?

If it’s the Sampson book then there’s bound to be several hundred AREs lurking about. It won’t be anything rare, but it makes an interesting curiosity. The people who get those are not supposed to sell them. They’re intended as review copies sent out by the publisher.…

How can i get an Advanced Reading Copy of a book.

How can i get advance reading copies of books,do you have to be a serious blogger and write many book reviews? And if you are how do you proceed in getting one?

Look at the author’s web page and see if the author is giving out any ARCs and what you need to do to get them. Librarians and book store owners often get them.

How to receive advanced reading copies of books.

A few years ago I looked up a publishing company that allowed people to sign up to recieve advanced reading copies of books for free, and in return send in a review of the book, along with any mistakes that could be corrected. However now, I can’t remember which publishing company it was and I’d be very…

Well, I don’t know of a publishing company doing it, but if you go to goodreads and sign up, you can enter giveaways. You just browse through the available ones, enter to win, and if you’re picked, they’ll send you a free book. A lot of people usually enter for each book, though, so you may have to try for a lot of book giveaways before you can get one.I’ve tried for about 30 now, and got one.And once you get it you’re encouraged to review it on the goodreads site. Apparently, giving the reviews gives you a better chance of being picked in future giveaways.

If I had a draft or transcript of my novel how could I get one copy in book form to review it.

You could, conceivably, get a vanity publisher like Lulu to print just one copy, but it would cost a bundle. Why would you want to do that anyway? What, exactly, are you expecting to get out of seeing your rough draft in print?Are you worried about how long it is? Novels are measured by word count, and 60,000 words is the minimum, 100,000 the max. Are you worried about how the chapter lengths will break on the page? Don’t. It just doesn’t matter.What you need is a completed draft, a good re-write, an a beta-reader to help you polish.

how to get paid to review books.

not as a full time job?

Okay, I”m not trying to be mean or anything, but think about this. Why would they pay YOU to review books when they can find book bloggers who will do it for free? Seriously. There are probably hundreds of book review blogs and some of them are well-known to publishers and publishers rely on them to read and review books on their blogs. In fact, publishers send them ARCs (advance reader copies) to read and review before the book is published. So, the best you can hope for if you want to review books is free books.I get a lot of ARCs myself, though I’m not a book reviewer.

how to review books. i’d like to get the advance reader copies of books..

Authors don’t just send ARC’s out to individual readers, you have to be a legitimate book reviewer (ie for a magazine). Although, occasionally an author will send an ARC to a reader as a contest prize, but it doesn’t happen often.

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