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What is your favourite Harry Potter book & movie . .

This is probably the hardest question for any Harry Potter fan. I really love all of the books and all of the movies and each one is special in their own way.I’ll write about my favorite movie first, because that’s easier. My favorite one was Deathly Hallows part 2. Even though they missed out some great scenes, seeing the epic finale of the entire Harry Potter series on screen was so epic and amazing! The movie was an epic war-drama, you could feel the intensity of the atmosphere and the emotions. It was the epic battle that everyone was waiting for and good prevailed in the end. The whole significance of the final part was amazing, to see how much everyone has grown and matured. To see them fighting in a war, fighting for things that are truly worth fighting for was intense and seeing Voldemort finally being defeated was a big relief. The special effects were spot on, they used the newest technology and it all looked beyond anything I could have ever imagined, I was very pleased with the movie really. Deathly Hallows part 2 was much more interesting than the 1st one though.Choosing my favorite book out of the 7 is probably the hardest thing to do. I absolutely love all of them equally and my favorite book keeps changing regularly XD I’ll pick either Goblet of Fire or Half-Blood Prince. I loved the Goblet of Fire because it was VERY dark and it’s when another side to the Harry Potter story is introduced. It’s very exciting as well, the Tri-Wizard tournament is a very unique event, it has a different atmosphere than the usual Harry Potter saga. They were also becoming teens and were starting to have some serious “attitude” XD. It was quite a humorous book, but on the other hand, it got really scary at times. Especially when Harry got to the graveyard and faced Voldemort directly for the first time. It was very dark and scary, especially the 1st time I read it and it was then I was like 11, so yeah XD But even now when I read it I feel the horrifying atmosphere and it always gives me goosebumps. I liked Half Blood Prince too, because it explains so much! The movie was so disappointing, they left out so much, but the book was fantastic. I love how the bond between Harry and Dumbledore was so strong. I loved all the memories in the books, that was a genius idea and I loved that the Horcruxes were finally introduced. It was also quite a funny book at times and it focused on relationships, teen crushes and so on, which was great considering they were already in their 16/17.All in all, Harry Potter marked my entire childhood and I love it beyond words 😀

Writers: how serious are you about your work.

How much work do you put into your writing?I mean, I just realized last night, i have been working on this story for almost a whole yearI have literally only 9 pages worth of actual writing, and about 20 pages of notes, and plans…I dont have very much time to work on it, but i mean, im really passionate…

Very, you could say. Here’s what I’ve got so far that I wish to make into a career.-I have two series’s mostly planned: one seven books long (has taken up the better part of three thick notebooks), the other four plus a prequel I might like to do if they become popular enough for it to be demanded (one and a half thick ones)-A halfway developed third series: two books planned, the second more so than the first, but with no idea how far along I am in completing what will be the finished series (hardly any space at all, perhaps 40 pages)-A short story that I’ve been mulling over. (a couple paragraphs of one)-One abandoned trilogy that is terrible and will never see the light of day, save for the few good parts that I’ve scavenged off it (three thin notebooks)-Another abandoned series (8 books) (a small diary sized notebook full) that I hardly think of as being “abandoned” but more as “largely rewritten” as I’ve completely stripped it, taken the best parts of it and turned them into the first three of those four novels.-A series of unforeseeable amounts of childrens novels much like Goosebumps meets Nancy Drew meets Scooby-Doo, which I plan to think on for a good amount of years while I collect stories to put the main character through that I will finally write once I’m old and done making up complete universes to go with the stories I envision. (a few paragraphs of notes on a word document)And then there are other things about stories that I would like to write, but nothing that has gripped me and demanded to be written like the above. I plan to write each of the things I’ve listed and I’m dead set on it, an author is all I want to be, all I see myself as.But you don’t have to speed up, I started writing and planning that first failed novel when I was barely 16, and in three years this is what I’ve come up with, and I started at the same pace as you. You can’t force ideas, but I do find that while they cannot be dragged out of your head, they will only really run out if you don’t mine them constantly. You just always have to look at things and think of how you can use it, your novel always has to be at the back of your mind.

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Philosophy – Is it for me. How do I know.

I have no particular talent, I work in sales, do some business consulting, a few pr jobs left an right, I am involved in a recycling project but for the last few months I’ve been asking myself: What do I want to be? What do I want to get out of this life?I sucked at school. Do you remember the lazy but…

After leaving the military, I went back to school. After a bit of fiddling, I ended up in a Theology program, in which I took some courses in Philosophy.I loved them! If I had the time and money, I would go back for a degree in it. Fascinating. But, don’t kid yourself – it is work. Lots of reading, and thinking. However, unlike many disciplines, there seem to be right or wrong answers. If you could intelligently argue a point, that was fine. But, it is definitely not just sitting around, discussing the world. It includes logic (mathematics: a is to b, and b is to c, therefore a is to c), and lots of other academic stuff. The sciences etc., were once Philosophy, but became their own disciplines over the years.Few jobs are open to philosophers, but it will help with just about everything else. Well worth looking in to. I began with Epistemology (knowing how we know), but I recommend an intro course first!

Are you a 90’s kid. read everything, its scary how much of the stuff we loved most is gone & replaced by tech.

before you read this i just wanna say, the whole generation of kids born in 1995 and above is f**ked up, when i was a kid it was all about playing outside, my super nintendo(which i still play!) and cartoons, now its all fancy electronics and trying to be a [email protected] in front of ur friends, when i was a kid i was…

Im so old….

Are you a 90’s kid. read everything, its scary how much of the stuff we loved most is gone & replaced by tech.

from this guy:;_ylt=AqNmPFf6FYsSpKHU2BEb9w567hR.;_ylv=3?show=ovSOyJoPaabefore you read this i just wanna say, the whole generation of kids born in 1995 and above is f**ked up, when i was a kid it was all about playing outside, my super nintendo(which i still play!) and…

You took the words right out of my mouth. I am a huge 90’s kid! I used to love all the things you just named above.Cousin skeeterkenan and kelall that (original cast)beetlejuiceblues cluespower rangerslooney tunescatdoghey arnorld!rocko’s modern lifeBarneylamb chopTLC and missy elliott were hot.I used to play duck duck goose and play on the monkey bars!going to mcdonalds just to get a happy meal for the toy!Getting up on saturday to watch cartoons was worth it!I miss my 90’s!

Are you a 90’s kid. read everything, its scary how much of the stuff we loved most is gone & replaced by tech.

RELISTbefore you read this i just wanna say, the whole generation of kids born in 1995 and above is f**ked up, when i was a kid it was all about playing outside, my super nintendo(which i still play!) and cartoons, now its all fancy electronics and trying to be a [email protected] in front of ur friends, when i was a kid…

I am so so glad and sad like hell now.. yes, i do agree with you bro! abosultely!i was born on 88.. ah, what a happy memories that you had written there, thank you for that!i don’t live in US, but still almost 80% you list was right and DID happen to me.. and i enjoyed it a lot!i am glad you and my generations too :)*high five* (they dont really do that anymore do they?? lol)I was just thinking about ‘now’ generation, i have small sis, she was born on 96′, not a brat, but she miss out most of these things..she never played outside, very rare.. she doesnt love cartoons, which is absolutely weird, though she like spongebob, which isnt funny at all to me (thumbs me down if you dont agree, i dont care!)and every single things..See the first question of the Adolescent section, ‘asking pill from her mom/aunt’.. DEVASTATING!!a 13 years old girl, who suppose to be with her girls mate and played, and gossip (which i still remember vividly, my girls classmate did that) are now thinking about having sex, 13?? oh..they are so ****** up, i agree 1000%.. they care about their status a lot, their brands, friends, and oh the whining about wanting a gf / bf.. i am sick of it!I like to meet my small sis’ friends when they came over, they are so skinny and body concious, and mind you horny too.. yes its hormone, still CONTROL IT!dont mock up about BOYS BAND too, they were great! i had tamaguchi and nitendo too, and funnily me and my friends we like to play it till now.. :)i kissed a girl when i was 18, not ashamed at all of it.. i have few buddies who never had a gf until now, see their life, they are happy and we hang out everyday.. its fun!videotaping?? oh yeah, every sunday morning, woke up and tape my fav. cartoon and go back to sleep and watch it afterwards! haha..i hope this new kids can have what we have pal, well if they are lucky! i still cant think about, kids wanting to move out and waiting IMPATIENTLY to reach the age of 18.. sad!i will live with my parents, no matter what.. i like to be scold, its good to have a guide!and young girls, getting pregnant! seriously? shameless! DONT DARE YOU TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THIS, ITS THE FACT!!!!Btw, i will re-post your link in p&s section, there are many great people there.. i mean from the 90’s :)and on which year you were born??thank you for this wonderfull memo.. good day! 🙂

Do you think some books by RL Stine were written by ghostwriters.

He wrote over 100 Goosebumps books and over 100 Fear Street books not to mention other series by him… How’s that possible?

Wiki says he has sold over 40 million books. After scrolling down the list of books he’s written, it looks like he has sold one copy of each book. lolHoly schmoely! You’re right. How did he do that…and stranger yet, he’s still going.No, it’s not ghostwriters, because that comes out by now. Surely you’re not the first to think that, and a reporter or two or three ran with that idea. It just has to be.But, he started as an editor for a kid’s mag, so he was proficient enough to write well and fast. He’s worth quite a few million, so he doesn’t also have to clean the house, mow the lawn and wash the car. He has a wife and they had a kid. (The “kid” is in his 30s now, so not so much a kid anymore. lol) So he had to do the family thing somewhere along the way.The best I can guess is he’s streamed-lined how to write and he’s really, really good. lol

Half priced books.

I have 112 books. I want to sell them to Half priced books. How much do you think they will give me. I have hardbacks that are worth $30.00. I also have a lot of old goosebumps books. How much do you think they will give me for them. THANK YOU.

I would expect somewhere around 20-40 dollars but certainly not more than forty. I have traded 30+ books in and get around thirty cents each, even when most of them were new or untouched. It really isn’t that lucrative for you, but it does make you feel good that you are doing that instead of throwing them away. The price they give you depends on what inventory they have right now, how much you submit, industry standards, the condition of the books, the genre(s) of the books, and a million other conditions. But, use the money you earn to get more books!

GOOSEBUMPS- How much are they worth.

i have about 60 goosebump books and was just wondering how much i could get for them on ebay. they are all in good quality. thanks

All together probably about $120

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