How Are Comic Books Graded

Old comic books….

I have a copule of old comic books. Does anyone know any comic book sites or stores that i can sell them to? they are batman #94 and spiderman # 112

First, if you are looking to sell them quickly, it would be ideal for you to locate a comic book shop near you. You can do this online by searching ‘comic book shop locator”, and you will be given a link to follow with your area code, etc., and then you will be provided with the name(s) of the shop(s) nearest you. Also, naturally, you can find a comic book shop in the phone book. What you will need to do for your own protection and to ensure you won’t get taken advantage of, is to grade the condition of the comic books. This can be done via a guide located in the index of a book called Overstreet’s Comics Buyers’ Price Guide. This lists how to grade the condition of comic books, and collectors and comic book shops offer a certain amount of money based on condition, issue importance (also known as a Key issue), and other items. Conditions range from Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, Fine, Very Fine, to Near Mint and Mint. Most comic books as old as yours generally will be found in Fair to Fine condition. The Guide also can tell you how much money these comics are worth based on their grading conditions. Another resource is to look online for ‘Comic book buyers”, or “Comic Book Auctions”, or “Comic Book Shops”. Any of these will eventually give you links to those who are actively buying comics. You will also need to provide pics and/or scans of the comics if submitting them online to potential buyers, or you can send them via postal mail (with insurance). Also, in the book Overstreet Comics Buyers’ Price Guide, you will see a number of ads from Auction houses, Comic book shops and even private collectors seeking to buy comic books. This book can usually be found at Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks, and other bookstores. I have often found this book at the local library and have used it for free this way. Lastly, you have the option of using Ebay. If you have an Ebay account, that would be preferable. I hesitate to recommend using these “Ebay stores” that offer to sell your items online, because not only do they charge a high fee, but they also charge 10% of whatever you sell your item for, and I don’t think that is right. Anyway, I wish you luck and I hope this helped a little bit.

how much does it cost to get my comic book graded.

what is the price for getting comic books graded Free urban books app

Comic books.

I wanted to know how I can get in touch with someone over the internet about appraising comic books.

How do you get a comic book graded.

I have a Thor first edition comic book. I just saw it on ebay on sale for 56,000!!! I don’t no anything about comic books. How do i find out what my comic book is graded. I’m broke and i could really use this money

ou would have to send it to a company that grades the comic, and that is about $100 to $150, but what they do is grade it and seal it, preserving its value

I have some comic books, need to get them graded.

How much is it to get a comic book cgc graded.

Have books that if they are mint could be worth hundreds, but at what cost per issue to find out?

It depends on the value of the book and how soon you want it returned. It ranges from $25 to $95 per book. Make sure to call them and check with them before sending your books in and they will go over all of it with you.

Comic books.

I have a great deal of comic books still in plastic and would like to know who would be intrested in them?

Before you try to sell them,get an Overstreets Comic Book Price Guild.It will not only tell you how to grade a comic but will give you the current market for different grades.I would not expect much unless the comics are pre-1970s editions.After you have graded them ,you then know what a fair price would be on e-bay.If you sell them to a comic book dealer expect an offer from 20% to 60% of book value , depending on condition and demand.Selling them through e-bay may take longer and you have to deal with shipping charges but you can get more of book value.If I were you I would grade and price my books then offer for sale in a newspaper before I tried e-bay or comic book dealer.That way you may sell them all at once.DO NOT let somebody cherry-pick your collection.

how do i get comic books cgc graded.

Your best bet is to go to a large comic convention – they have booths set up to appraise them.Also, there is more information on the Wizard web site – www.wizarduniverse.comGood luck!!!

how to get comic books graded.

how could i get some of my old comic books graded, CGC, so i can get their prices up…… the CGC website is a little to expensive for grading comic books, where can i get my comics graded?

There is another professional grading company called Professional Grading eXperts (PGX) that has more reasonable prices ($10 per comic from 1975-now and $14 for comics from 1974 and older).Another way to get your comics graded by CGC is to take them to a comic convention. Most major conventions have had CGC grading booths which will save you a little bit of money compared to sending them in.

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