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hey guys i watched i the first 140 episode of naruto but i haven’t read the books. and i want to start reading the books so can you tell me how many volume are there so fur i think, there is 30 but not sure and if i watch the first 140 episode then in the book, which volume should i start from? plz tell me the…

Naruto books? Ewwwww. Manga is where its at. But remember the TV show is not always identical to the manga/comic.Try

HOw many naruto manga book things are there.

are the manga books the same as the t.v. episodes?

Well there are 42 volumes/books in total however in the U.S. we are only up to volume 29. The are currently 398 chapters that have been released.Yes,for the most part the manga books/chapters tend to the follow the anime (tv episodes). However,from episode 136-220 in the anime are fillers episodes. The fillers episodes are not included in the manga,as the fillers episodes are just part of the original manga plot.The are 220 episodes total in the original Naruto series,136-220 (are fillers). Also there are currently 56 episodes in Naruto Shippuden. So,in total there are 276 episodes of Naruto (anime)Naruto Rocks!!!!!

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another manga question..

i need to know if this series are complete, and how many books are in the series.1. Orphen2. Inuyasha3. NarutoThanks!

Naruto is complete and has 54 volumes, but the spin off Naruto Shippuden is not.Inuyasha is complete with 56 volumes.Orphen is complete; the original novels have 20 volumes and 6 manga volumes.

In the naruto volumes how many chapters each has.

can somebody give me a list to how many chapters are in each naruto volume book? Example volume: 1 , 1-12?

I think it is around 9. Vol. 33 has 10.Some other examples…Yotsuba&! vol. 4 has 7Mar vol. 1 has 9Zatch Bell vol. 1 has 8Kitchen Princess vol. 1 has 5D.N.Angel vol. 11 has 9One Piece vol. 5 has 9Vampire Game vol. 1 has 6Bleach vol. 2 has 9Now let’s see… the average of that is… 8 chapters per book. Hope this helped.

How many books are in the manga series Naruto.

I don’t know?

How many Manga Chapters are there in one Manga book (Naruto).

I was looking at buying all the manga books as a collection, but I’m assuming there aren’t 410 books, do they put a group of episodes inot one book, like volume 1 = 20 episodes? Please help, Thanks!

Okay, Naruto is one of my manga collection. I did the count for you… and here it goesVolume 1 – Chapter 1-7Volume 2 – Chapter 8-17Volume 3 – Chapter 18-27Volume 4 – Chapter 28-36Volume 4 – Chapter 35-45Volume 6 – Chapter 46-54Volume 7 – Chapter 55-63Volume 8 – Chapter 64-72Volume 9 – Chapter 73-81Volume 10 – Chapter 82-90Volume 11 – Chapter 91-99Volume 12 – Chapter 100-108Volume 13 – Chapter 109-117Volume 14 – Chapter 118-126Volume 15 – Chapter 127-135Volume 16 – Chapter 136-144Volume 17 – Chapter 145-153Volume 18 – Chapter 154-162Volume 19 – Chapter 162-171Volume 20 – Chapter 172-180Volume 21 – Chapter 181-190Volume 22 – Chapter 191-199Volume 23 – Chapter 200-208Volume 24 – Chapter 209-217Volume 25 – Chapter 218-226Volume 26 – Chapter 227-235Volume 27 – Chapter 236-238, Kakashi past story Chapter 1-6/Chapter 239-244)The next volume is Naruto ShippudenVolume 28 – Chapter 245-253Volume 29 – Chapter 254-262Volume 30 – Chapter 263-271Volume 31 – Chapter 272-280Volume 32 – Chapter 281-289Volume 33 – Chapter 290-299Volume 34 – Chapter 300-309That’s all from my current collection. I know they’ve released Volume 42 in Japan but my country hasn’t translated it yet T,T I’m not sure about the chapter they got in Volume 35-42. You can clearly see they have the average 8-9 chapter in one volume although some of them has 10 chapters in one volume! Yay! XD::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::…p/s I didn’t read the manga online because it’ll ruin the fun collecting the volume. Although I must admit it’s hard to wait a couple of month before the translated volume released XD Oh crap, I’m supposed to finished my programming assignment! I got carried away counting the chapter for you! XD Hope I’m helped though.

how many pages are in each naruto volume.

cuz i heard there about 400+..and i’ve read about 6, and there like 20-30 pages long, and there mostly full of pictures…its a very interesting series…but i dont wanna have to pay 8 bucks everytime i buy a manga. thats like 5000 dollars! so how many pages are in each naruto manga you buy?

There are about 170- 200 pages in each volume. Volume 31 comes out in September.The average Naruto manga volume has 6-8 chapters, each chapter being about 20 pages long. (Volume one, though, has two chapters that are over 50 pages long.)I’d suggest you eithera. Save up LOTS of moneyb. Borrow books from the library or your friendsc. Don’t bother and just watch the anime (or off of youtube)Unfortanately, I don’t really recommend this as currently (in the U.S.) filler episodes have been shown on the anime that don’t have to do with the actual story line.Good luck!! 🙂

Naruto Mangas.

How many mangas are there in Naruto so far (yes I know it’s still progressing)? Notice I said mangas not chapters. How many actual books are there?

There are currently 39 Volumes, the last 13 Chapers are yet to be compiled into volumes.In English there are 18 Volumes, Volumes 19, 20, 21 are available Tuesday 2nd Oct 2007.

How many Naruto books are out in english.

and does anyone know when the 13th dvd set comes out?

I think theres about 35 to 40 Naruto manga that are available to purchase.Sites like have scans up to about chapter 437 if your impatient.As for the DVD thing, amazon will allow you to pre-order it if your planning to buy it online. According to amazon, it says it’ll be out on April 7, 2009.…

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