Books On How To Save A Marriage

How to save my marriage.

my husband and I are at a tight spot right now. He thinks I hate him, we haven’t really talked in 2 days, he sleeps on the couch, it just gets worse everyday. here are some details he had alot of problems in the beginning of the marriage, he was a drunk, and a womanizer, I stuck by him because I knew he could...

A husband needs to feel appreciated, respected, needed, supported, encouraged, and needs affection from his wife. If he was like this before you two married, then you set yourself up for this and had it coming. People don’t change after they get married, we expect them to, but they don’t. People can change for the better if they really put their heart into it. There are things in the relationship that you are doing that is destructive. I suggest two books, The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands and The Proper Care & Feeding of Marriage by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. You’ll be able to relate.You need to do some changing too. It’s not just one person that needs to change. You have to want to change, you have to stick with it, and stick with it to make it a part of your daily life for good. Think about the things you are doing that’s pushing your husband away. I hope you and him do some thinking…

How to save a marriage when you dont want to loose it.

I have been married for 8 yrs and have a son that is 6 yrs old. Our marriage has suffered a great deal exspcially over the last year. He told me last week that his feeling have changed for me. He has spent the last week and half trying to figure out his feelings. I CANT loose my husband. I love him…

I support you in your desires to save the marriage!!!Check out the site in the source list, they have some really good ideas on what to do.You may want to find a copy of Dr. Lauras book about feeding and nurturing your husband as well, it sounds like it has some good ideas..

Good amharic books

What can I do to save my marriage.

My husband and I have been married almost 9 years (this October). He’s 31 and I’m 27, turning 28 in June. We got married soon after I finished high school, when I was 19. We were happy for many years despite our ups and downs, especially my depression issues. But these days it seems like a struggle to be in…

Just as it takes “two to tango,” it also takes two to save a marriage. If you are having marital problems, saving your marriage will mean a commitment from both spouses. One spouse can make all the changes in the world and jump through hoops all day long, without a commitment by the other spouse; you will be fighting a losing battle. Marriage is not a vehicle for happiness. If you expect marriage to take away all your problems and worries, you aren’t doing yourself, your spouse or your marriage any favors. Expect to make mistakes, expect your spouse to make mistakes, expect marriage to be work and don’t go into a marriage if you are not willing to do the work it takes to have a successful marriage.•We all know that good communication skills are imperative to having a good marriage. What most don’t understand is that communication is more than the ability to talk. You must have the ability to listen and to attempt to see things from your spouse’s perspective.Good communication also means being willing to not only speak the truth but hear the truth. Couples must feel free to say what they feel they need to say without fear of repercussion. I’m not saying that it is OK to become verbally abusive. It has to be OK to feel comfortable expressing negative feelings though and doing so to a spouse you know will listen and not dismiss what you are saying.•Learn the fine art of compromise. Holding onto your spouse and marriage will, at times, mean making an adjustment in what you feel is right or wrong. It is my personal opinion that this is the hardest thing couples encounter. The need to be right, to prove a point or to not give in can get in the way of couples maintaining a happy marriage. So, always be willing to find a middle ground and settle any differences by mutual concession.To be committed means sticking with it even when things get less than rosy. You have to be willing to compromise, to not always be right and most importantly you must understand that it takes a huge commitment on the part of both spouses.The first step is to set outside a period of reflection. This is the time for you to stop worrying but to think and map out a plan on how to solve your marriage problems. In doing this, you have be sincere with yourself because you have to examine yourself thoroughly on what role you played that have might lead to or contributed to the present situation in your can save your marriage. It may not be easy and it may take some time before your spouse would be willing to mend things with you. But if time is on your side, then there is no reason why you can’t save your marriage. All it takes is love, a little patience, and the willingness to make things work.Regardless of the methods you choose, it is highly important to leave communication lines open. Both of you must be open to criticism and you must also accept that both of you have a hand in making your marriage difficult.The best way to save you marriage is to communicate with your spouse. Even if you enlist the services of a marriage counselor, read save-your-marriage books, or attend tele-seminars to save your marriage, these steps are meaningless if communication is lacking. So, swallow your pride and start communicating. When things go well, your marriage is saved and you have come to another level of understanding with your spouse.Dear GodI come to you to save my marriage. Right now we are going through a hard time. Not communicating without shouting. Not talking for days at time. Acting as the other one does not exist. I know we have did a lot of things in the past to each other. It is hard to forget but lets us forgive each other for the better. Jesus please help restore my marriage and I cant do this without you and the faith I have in you. Please return my husband to me. Bring back the love we once had for one another. I know he loves me and his feelings are hurt.Jesus help me in my time of need. Satan is trying to destroy what you put together. I stand in the gap of my marriage Father God . I put this in your hands because you said if you ask you shall receive. And I believe. I ask these things in Jesus name Amen. i believe so strongly in God and my Family, I choose to change my ways and keep changing till my wife and I become ONE again. My family and their happiness is the most important thing in my life. That is my choice and I’ll stand by it till the day I die.Let them not be deceived by their feelings; instead, let them look for the solid qualities that keep a home united in the joy of the Lord.

How to save my marriage.

My husband an I are at a wits end.. He’s 26 with multiple sclerosis, and I’m 20 we have a one year old and we just fight constantly.. I’ve tried everything from medication, anger management, life counseling, and marriage counseling… Nothings helping but we do love each other it’s just hard… So…

I recommend that you watch the movie Fireproof together. My wife and I really liked it. It is a Christian movie but at the same time it has good stuff in it that you can apply in any marriage. If he doesn’t want to watch the movie you should try out the book Love Dare.Also, I would go on a relaxing vacation with him and maybe leave the baby with grandparents.Those are the best suggestions I have for the info that you gave.

How to save my marriage.

My husband (together 4.5 years, married 6 months, 2 kids) informed me Monday that he no longer is in love with me and didn’t want to be with me anymore. He had been acting distant for a little less than 2 weeks and I thought maybe he was stressed from work (he works 10 hours days frequently) so I gave him…

Yes, I know the EXACT solution to your problem, and a 100% chance of getting him back, IF, and I say, IF, it is not too late already.If he is not living with you, and won’t move back in, then it is probably useless and it’s too late, and you’ve lost him. But, by what you say, I know the solution.There are two books, that you MUST read. One is obtainable on the internet and is not very expensive at all. The other, can be obtained free from your local library. In fact, both may be in the library by now. They are:”The Care And Feeding Of Husbands” by Dr. Laura Schlesinger. (read first)”The Sensuous Woman” by J.If you read and practice the precepts and teachings in those books, I guarantee that your husband will love and worship you as “the best wife on the planet” for the rest of your lives.Trust me on this. I “know” it for a fact.Good luck..

can you suggest a marriage book.

any books that gave some good insight on how to try and save your marriage?

I recommend Relationship Rescue by Dr. Phil McGraw….Great book and Great insights…..

Any suggestions on how to save your marriage..

I’m not sure what the problem is with the marriage, but I have some general suggestions.Get some books…The Five Love Languages is great, Making Love Last Forever is also great. Get some books by Gary Smalley or someone else on communication, too, since it’s a vital key to a marriage.Go to a marriage conference (Family Life has great ones all over the country) or seminar…or small group at a church that focuses on marriage enrichment.Go to a couple who seems to have a solid marriage & ask them to mentor you.Go to a counselor and get couples and/or individual counseling to help with issues.Put aside pride and selfishness and focus on your spouse and meeting their needs. It might not change your marriage right away, but over time it will make a difference. Focusing on what you want or what you’re not getting will never enrich your marriage.If there’s abuse in the relationship, it’s ok to separate and get counseling to deal with issues…and stay separated if they’re issues that can’t be dealt with.SG

Marriage help….. I need a good book to read on how to save it….

My marriage is in shambles and I need help!!! I’m already going to a counselor for my problems but does anyone know of a good book I can read in the mean time?? I really want to save my marriage! Please HELP!!!

“Relationship Rescue Workbook” by Dr. Phil McGraw is good. You and your spouse go through exercises to help you figure out what the problems are and how to fix them.

how to save a marriage when things start going wrong.

I want to know how to save a marriage when things start going wrong. The guide I found at is good but I have not had a chance to read it yet. Has anyone in here come back from a broken marriage to make it whole again? Thanks

Actually the best time to save a marriage is before it needs saving. Too many put all this work into creating an incredible friendship prior to marriage and then allow what they’ve built to crumble without the appropriate upkeep.However, there’s great news. As long as their is still a twinkle in the eye, a fondly recalled memory and a desire to make things better, you will have great success in doing so. How do I know?Besides nearly losing my marriage many years ago, I have since studied and become one of the most well respected marriage therapists in the Midwest. And, yes, today I live in an extraordinary marriage.First, it takes work. I viewed two other answers both calling for better “communication.” Here’s a vital factor to get yourself comfortable with. The research is clear, upon interviewing couples with extraordinary marriages, that only 31% of conflict is resolvable. So, be careful The goal around communication should first be to clarify if the issue is resolvable or not. Unresolvable issues include our personality, our core values and our world view.The other mistake in recovering a lost marriage is to get into the really hard issues right off the bat. Bad move. Why? Because if you started a relationship/friendship bank account when you first started dating you put an awful lot of deposits in. When a marriage is in trouble they’ve usually lost their friendship and their relationship bank account has a zero balance.The first, most important thing to do is begin rebuilding your friendship. Commit to date nights at least every other week. Buy a fun couples book of quesitons. One of my favorites is called “Intellectual Foreplay.” You’re likely full of recent negative memories. Intentionally make your mind reminisce about the good times. Focus on what’s beautiful about your spouse. THESE are the secrets to putting marriage back together in a lasting way. And can I tell you a little secret? Many couples I work with end up having better relationsihps than ever after they work the steps I’ve outlined above.Best wishes in re-claiming an extraordinary marriage!!Dave Turo-Shields

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