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What would be a good book I could read to impress my honors English teacher.

I have to read a book for “pure pleasure”, but I don’t want to read a book that will make my honors English teacher think I’m dumb. I want to impress him a lot. I want an easy-read; I like action, suspense, adventure, mystery, fantasy, and science fiction. I like books like The Hunger Games,…

One thing a friend and I started to last year is to tackle down the 100 books the BBC recommended as “must reads” in your life. You will find classics there, children books and even Harry Potter.You could choose one of the list – and even if it is an “easy read” you have a very smart intro to your presentation. You could argue that although not all books might fit your taste, it gives you personal pleasure to widen your horizon with that “classic” you where always bit scared to touch, or the pleasure of indulging in a children story that you missed as a kid. Plus it is a damn good feeling to cross one more book of that list…Plus it really offers you a wide spread of books.You can also start your presentation with “For quite some time I had this book on my personal list of works I should indulge in, but I never thought this book to be a “must read” intellectual wise. So when I saw it on the “Top 100 list” of the BBC I went to buy it the next day- ….It gives you a smart intro already so even if you would choose Winnie the Pooh (which is on that list) I think your teacher will still be intrigued by your way of choosing it – still although I adore the Bear – I don’t recommend to take that ;-)…Personally I would go for something like:His Dark Materials – Philipp Pullmann (so I think the first book would suffice, and it fits your general genre of books you really like to read for pleasure – I LOVED it by the way, great fantasy stories, the movie is not making it justice)The Hobbit – JRR Tolkien (if you like fantasy it is something you have to read)A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens (so many versions of it, but the original is still the best…and due to the popularity of the story an easy read)Artemis Fowl – Eoin Colfer (funny fantasy story, the first of a series, I thoroughly enjoyed it – but would put the Pullmann works ahead of Colfers…)If you want something more classic, I likedHow to kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee ( I consider it an easy read and really enjoyed the story-although it is not my typical genre)So the other ones I know -so far- from the list are not “easy reads” or quite big (not sure how much time you have for the assignment…) so if you want to go for BBC that would be my choiceIf you want to go for another direction, some of my favorite “make you feel smart books”Mark Haddon – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Haddon writes out of the perspective of Christopher Boone, a high functioning autistic boy. The story has so many highlights, fun episodes and sweet insights that every page is worth reading it. – btw: if you don’t choose it for you assignment read it anyway!)Yann Martel – Life of Pi (Pi Patel is shipwrecked on a small rescueboat for 227 days with a Bengal tiger…initially there were more animals on board 😉 … Pi had beforehand discovered Hinduism, Christianity and Islam for himself and while practicing all of them shows us spiritual and practical s not a religious book per se, I think you must read it to fully get it … and I definitely felt smarter once I finished it)Malcolm Gladwell – Outliers – the story of success (it is non-fiction book and I would have never touched it, if it wouldn’t have been recommended to me. I finished the whole thing within approximately 12 hours of touching it for the first time. I can not describe it in short, as it tackles quite different sections of success, but it is so well written, so exciting to read (which factors played together to make Bill Gates “Bill Gates” / why are significantly more professional Ice Hockey Players in the US/Canada born in Jan/Feb/Mar) and insightful, smart and addictive that I think you can truly impress your teacher with this one. And don’t worry, it’s not one of these “self help books” it is just truly an easy, smart entertaining couple of hours you will have with this book…I hope there’s something in the mix for you 🙂 Enjoy reading

Good books for a teen girl to read on plane trips.

Going somewhere for spring break and going on a plane. Any good books to read while I’m at the airport or in the plane?

Oh, there are plenty! Here are a few if you haven’t read them already! 🙂 :Hunger Games: It’s about a girl named Katniss who lives in a destroyed world. Every year the Hunger Games are hosted in a city called Panam. In the Hunger Games, 12 kids from ages 12-18 must fight to the death!Percy Jackson: It’s about a boy named Percy Jackson. This book is very mythological with the Greek gods and mythological creatures! There are kids called half-bloods who are born of one mortal and one god. The Half-bloods and the gods are in many wars and on many quests. Percy is one of the Half-Bloods.Maze Runner: It’s about a boy named Thomas who has been put into a huge place among many other boys. He and the other boys are in the center of a gigantic maze. The center of the maze is their safe place with houses, a few animals, and food. Every night, the gates to the maze close and only open again in the day. At night, giant monsters roam the maze, but no one knows how to kill the monsters or escape the maze!Matched: It’s about a girl named Cassia who lives in the perfect city. Everything is planned out for everyone. Everything is exact. Their spouses are chosen for them and so is the time they die! But when Cassia had her spouse chosen, two faces appeared on the screen! Who is her rightful, true Match?Michael Vey: It’s about a boy named Michael with special powers. He has electricity. He can shock people. His power is so strong though that he can power a car! He can even kill someone! But there are more people with abilities similar to his. There is a man named Hatch who tries to capture the kids with powers. He gives then everything they want, except for freedom! Michael and a few others try to stop Hatch.Warriors: It’s a book about cats in different Clans. They fight against each other, call truces at time, hunt, and live lives by themselves with other cats, no humans. Many cats die. Many go on adventures to save their Clan and sometimes even the entire forest!I hope you can find a good book out of these! I adore these series and I hope you will, too! Good luck! 🙂

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