How To Buy Comic Books

how do i find the estimated value of comic books online without having to buy anything.

If it’s relatively new or there are many in print, then they won’t be worth too much more than you paid for them. The reason that some comics are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars is this:- They are made in VERY limited quantities with NO exceptions or reprints- or... they are from the early years… During the war citizens were asked to recycle to buy bonds for the war effort. The first thing a mother could think of to recycle was “those damn comic books”… which made many if not most or all of the older comics EXTREMELY rare, sought after, and thus: VERY VALUABLE.I read a while back that a Superman #1 sold for almost $500,000… So, comic books, thinking that they can keep making that sort of money off their books started making Limited editions (which were actually just variant covers of an already existing book) thinking they’d rake in profits. However, the only people buying the variants or special reprints, were just a few of the hard core fans. So, they ended up flooding the market with books that weren’t being sold…Anyway, if you are asking about an old family stash, the best thing to do is to go to a hole in the wall comic book store. Don’t go to the “clean and fancy” ones. The crusty ones are the best because the people there are experts and in fact they don’t really want outsiders showing up, criticizing their life’s obsession… They can also explain to you about the grading system for comics… you can have a valuable comic, but if it’s in bad shape, it can deteriorate it’s worth. They can also tell you about the current popular trends, which can change back and forth… this too can affect the value of your books. Good Luck from a comic obsess’o!!!

Good how-to comic books .

I was in a Barnes and Nobel a few years ago and looking through sticker special sale priced books when I found a DIY comic book. I chose not to buy it even though it was cheap and I had the money because I thought I’d never use it, but all the next year I kept ending up in circumstances in which I really wish I…

There are a couple out there, I did find them at one of our local libraries too and ended up pouring over them extensively.The two I liked the most, which had the most useful information in them were these.How to be a successful cartoonist. By Randy Glasbergen…Cartooning, the art and the busines. By Mort Gerberg… Werewolf romance free

How to get my dad to buy me comic books.

I love reading comic books! But my dad finds them stupid. He wont buy me any comic books. I am 13 years old and cant get a job. What can i tell my dad to convince him to buy me comic books?

Do you do chores around the house?Maybe he’ll pay you for the chores, and you can buy the comics at the end of the month, or whatever (I go on average every 2 weeks).If you already do chores maybe you can offer to do extra ones for a dollar or two a piece, and you should get to buy what you want such as comics with it, because you earned the money.

How to ship comic books.

My relatives in the US are shipping 52 comic books to me (I live in Scandinavia). I’m wondering how I should tell them to ship the package. What size box and how they should be protected? These are the box sizes to choose from.

My best advice would be for them to go to the comic book store they bought them at and ask for advice there. Most comic book stores sell stuff on eBay and are use to shipping.If there isn’t a nearby comic book store, I would bag them 10 or 20 at a time in a golden-age comic book bag. They could then bind them all together with tape or bubble wrap them. Then find which box they fit in. Use crumpled news paper to fill the rest of the box. No golden-age comic book bags, use a gallon size Ziploc bag and tape the bag up so the comics cannot move freely in the bag.

how can i buy Tamil RANI COMICS books.

i like to buy and read tamil rani comics books.can some one help me to buy rani comics boks on the web.

I can only make suggestions, and they are that you check with,, and if they have none for sale, call every comic book store in your area. Check with anyone who sells magazines and newspapers as well. Luck…

how can i get people to buy my comic books at

first, in our day’s Comics would be viewed on DVD/Video sights(YouTube/Hulu)/Radio shows, so in order a book to make a great seller you need good marketing, and i guess if the title/description is good, the price is decent and you ship/communicate professionally, customers will do repeating orders and recommend your item to friends and family.

how to sell comic books .

ebay or your comic shop maybe. Or you could see if an antiques dealer wants to buy your books. Buy a price guide, but plan on getting 1/2 of the value of what the price guide says, if you are lucky and all your books are in near mint condition. Your books probably aren’t in near mint, so you will probably get less. Most dealers at comic or antique shops probably won’t be intrested in buying much of anything from the 80s or after, it all depends on what you have. If you haven’t done so already get bags and boards for all your books. As far as ebay goes, price is whatever the buyer is willing to pay. Set the reserve for the absolute minimum you want. Do not try to sell your books without pricing them from a guide first. If you have some hot books you might do better than 1/2 of what the guide says.What guide to buy?I’d buy bothThe Overstreet Guide to comics ($20-$30)Wizard The guide to comics (the latest issue about $5)

Stupid Question, how do I buy comic books.

Okay, so anyone who answers this is going to think i’m a giant moron, but please do anyway? So I like to purchase books in order and I’m getting into Marvel comics now. I’ve never really bought comic books properly and I was wondering how you know which order they go in? I’ve read about ‘back…

Most series that you’d’ve heard of have been going for years, there are litterally hundreds of issues before what’s out now. It’s really impossible to read the whole thing unless you read a relatively new series. It’d be like trying to watch “Days of Our Lives” from the beginning or something.Every issue has an issue number. Mostly they go consecutively but sometimes they’ll cancel a book and restart it from number 1 (like the “New 52″ from DC you may have heard about). If something happens in a different book that you need to know to understand what’s going on in this book it’ll usually say something about that; otherwise, it’s simple counting. Number 9 happens after number 8 and before number 10, etc.”Back issues” are issues which came out any time before the current issue. Like, Amazing Spider-Man #686 came out in May. There are 685 “back issues” of ASM going back all the way to 1963 – and that’s not even counting all the other Spider-Man series.

How can I buy comic books wholesale.

I want to start a Business selling comics and want to know about how to get wholesale comics.thanks for your timezachary

For buying wholesale comics you need the wholesale distributor of comics. These suppliers can be easily found from a supplier directory such as Not only this you can contact the suppliers directly from this website

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