How Do I Share Books On My Kindle

How do I transfer a book from one kindle account to another.

I bought an expensive critical care nursing book on my husbands kindle. now that I have my own, I would like it on my kindle. is there a way to do that? He uses his kindle all the time so I would not be able to keep it with me for a long enough time to benefit from the book.

Kindle books can be shared on multiple Kindle devices/apps, if the devices/apps are registered to the same Amazon account. Here you can find the details on such sharing: this is not what you want, try to contact Amazon support, and see if they can offer any help. Tell them that the book is purchased using a wrong Amazon account, and see if they can help to transfer it to the correct Amazon account.

how to Download free books to my kindle.

so i was wondering instead of always buying books on my kindle is there a way to download books for free? like a website you go to?, and if so could you explain what to go into in the website and then if i download the book how do i get it on my kindle? thank you. very much appreciated (:

Authors write books to make money. Sometimes authors are willing to allow their book to be read for free. If that is the case, they will post it on Amazon, or Creative Commons website or their publisher’s site. If the book is not in those places, it isn’t legally available for freeSometimes public libraries BUY ebook rights with digital services such as Overdrive. That is your tax dollars at work. That is legal.Peer sharing sites are really stealing sites because the author did not give permission and he is getting ripped off. Those that illegally upload can earn jail time and fines of $150,000.After all most authors make only a few thousand for their books. Very few get rich. Authors need the money to pay their rent and buy groceries.

Free vampire books

does anyone know how to share books on an Amazon Kindle.

Um, sorry, but Kasi is completely incorrect. As of late 2010 you can lend certain books for a two week period. You can only loan a book one timeGo to MANAGE YOUR KINDLE on Amazon. Scroll down until you see YOUR ORDERS. There you will see all the books you have purchased for your Kindle. Next to the name of a book there is a little plus sign. Click on that. If you are allowed to loan that book it will say LOAN THIS BOOK. Click that.Then all you need is an e-mail address for the person you want to loan your book to.Hope this helps. Feel free to e-mail me if you are having trouble

I have three kindles how do i delete books.

i have three kindles. one is my moms one is my brothers and one is mine. my mom wants to read this book but my brother and i don’t. if you can help, my question is how do i delete this book from both my brothers kindle and mine but not from my moms.oh, and we share the same account

1. Highlight the collection name on the Home screen.2. Move the 5-way controller to the right to reveal the collection options.3. Select the desired action with the 5-way controller.4. Follow the on-screen instructions.Hope this helps!

How do you share books on Kindle and Nook.

I want to get a nook or kindle but I don’t want to spend alot of money on books so how does this sharing work???? If someone lendsme a book is it added to my library? does it leave theirs? HELP!!!

Kindle has a lending function now but I haven’t messed with it. My wife and I both have kindles, but only one account That means we can read any books we buy on both kindles. I know people who have a kindle and kid in college a thousand miles away; they share an account, and therefore can share books.And keep in mind, there are literally thousands of free books, and loads and loads of 99 cent and $3.00 books. Best sellers are what cost a lot.

Amazon kindle assistance…

So my dad and i share an amazon account. When i purchase a book on my kindle it automatically shows up on his kindle fire. How do i prevent him getting the books that i purchased?

When you purchase a book, there is a drop down just below the Buy Now Button that says “Deliver to ,,,,’s Kindle”Just change it to your kindle before you click Buy now.


How do you share books from the kindle paper white to the kindle fire?! Help ASAP!!!

If you’re talking about books you’ve purchased and want to read on both devices, just register the Fire to the same account and you’ll be able to download all previous purchases. If you’re talking about reading a book purchased by someone else, they’d have to loan it to you. That means going to Amazon and then Manage Your Kindle. From there you’ll find a list of books and various actions. One action is to loan the book.

How do we share books in Kindle. suggest me any tips.

You can share books on different Kindles if they are registered on the same amazon account. If they are on the same account, all the books that can be shared are in the Archived Items on the home page. If they are not registered on the same account, you can switch the registration and download the books on the Kindle and then switch back to your own account.

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