How To Write An Essay Comparing Two Books

Books vs. Movies.

Books and movies are both used to tell stories. Write an essay comparing books to movies. How are the two methods of telling stories alike? How are they different? Remember to include examples to support your points.I need more than 400 words…help and thanks!

I say 9 times out of 10, the book is better. But that is just me…..or is it?Here are a few articles that might be helpful to you, since I am not going to write your essay for you. Good Luck!………

I need help Setting up a Compare/Contrast Essay..

I’m comparing a book, and a movie (two different subjects) But they have similarities.. I need to write an essay on comparing/contrasting… how is the format?

The proper term is “Opposing Viewpoints”…Many colleges have essays you can use as works cited for YOUR essay…they also include helpful guides to writing them, and documenting them properly.…This is an ok guide for essay construction ;)If you need more, just Google: “Opposing Viewpoints” and add “help” or “essays” or “resources”Stuff like that…Hope this helps Kina! 🙂

Toddlers books online

how would you start off an essay that compares and contrast two books.

i have to write an essay comparing grapes of wrath (john steinbeck) with animal dreams (barbara kingsolver). and i have made all the lists, and the summary and stuff, but i cant like think of a beginning sentence. i know what to talk about and how to write it, i have no problem with that. i only have a problem with…

What you need is a thesis statement. For a compare and contrast essay, the thesis statement should read something like, “While the two books share some similarities, Book A expresses different X, Y and Z than Book B.” (with X, Y, and Z representing things like theme, style, characters, etc.)The thesis should be the last sentence of your introduction paragraph. Your intro paragraph should start with a sentence to get your reader’s attention, something like a broad, general fact (“Different authors often have very unique ways of presenting similar themes.”), an interesting and relevant quote (“It has been said that…”), etc. Then transition this opening sentence into your thesis using one or two sentences. You should also name both books and their authors, probably as part of those transition sentences.Look here for more ideas:…or google “essay introduction” for more research. If the essay isn’t due tomorrow, you could also ask your teacher for help in this area.

how to write an essay comparing two characters as heros in the book TWILIGHT using specifice scense.

in the essay you should focus on: one or two characters in a particualr film, your application of the hero paradigm, and the analysis of specific scense that can serve as evidence for your thesis. you should imcorporate a minimum of TWO sources and provide some information that establishes your films position in a…

the “bad guy” is actually a NORMAL vampire.and his name is James.:)

Comparing Two Books Essay..

I’m writing an essay comparing two novels. I don’t know what to compare or contrast about, and how to outline my essay! Please help!!!!

First read the novels. What are they about?Write a chart for each one: Characters, motivation, type of story (love, mystery, political, philosophical, etc) Style of writing, conclusions, anything you can think of…write it down for each one.Now….what are the similarities? Compare them.what are the differences? contrast them.For example: in one story, the protagonist may be a woman. In the other the protagonist may be a man. That is a contrast. But yet their goal is the same in each book…perhaps they each have the goal of saving the family farm from ruin….that is a comparison.Good luck.

How to write a good compare and contrast essay on two books..

I have an English exam coming up soon and I will be required to compare and contrast two books that we read earlier in the year. If anyone has any advice on how to write a good compare and contrast essay can you let me know. Thanks

I love compare/contrast questions. There are two ways of doing them. Wrong and right.This is the wrong way:1. intro2. discuss book 13. discuss book 2 whilst comparing it to book 14. concludeThis is the right way:1. intro2. discuss the similarities of book 1 & 23. discuss the differences of book 1 & 24. concludeOf course it gets more complex and you sometimes have to put the “difference” bit in the “similarities” bit as it’s wrong to discuss the same topic twice. So; let’s hypothesise thata) book 1 & 2 discuss the theme of marriage quite similarly but with some differencesb) in book 1 the main character uses a lot of violence to deal with his problem, in book 2 the main character never uses violence to deal with problemsYour essay plan would look like this:1. intro2a.: similarities;[…] book 1 and 2 describe the theme of marriage in similar ways (insert examples),2b.: however they differ in the way that they portray this aspect of marriage (insert examples)3. new paragraphs for next similarties…4. differences;[…] one of the main differences between books 1 & 2 is the main characters relationship with violence (insert examples)5. new paragraphs for other differences6. conclusionHope this helps, good luck!

How do you write an essay comparing two books to a quote.

For my english class, i have to write an essay comparing two books (im using Speak by Laurie Hase Anderson and Letters my Mother Never Read by Jerri Diane Suek) to a quote. The quote: “I like flawed characters because somewhere in them i see more of the truth” – Nicolas CageIt would be great if you…

Well I never read those two books. but to give you a basic idea of how to compare those to books to the qoute is compare the characters of the way nicolas cage says in the qoute or you can compare characters in the book to the characters he played

How to write an essay on these two books.

Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass’ (im using these as ‘one’ book) and Jonathan Swift’s ‘Gulliver’s Travels’What is an angle that I can take in the essay where I compare and contrast them from a specific theme/form of writing etc…

You could talk about how each book uses satire to critique England, maybe. Or you could talk about how both books use fantasy elements and fantastic journeys and how this is relevant to their themes. I think either of those would get you an “A” in 12th grade English provided you wrote them well.

how to write an essay comparing three books.

I need to know a general format for writing an essay comparing three different books.Does each book get it’s own paragraph? How do I do this?!

Doing a comparison contrast like this is going to take drilling down to three to five topics you will address for each book. For example you might want to talk about each books theme, plot organization, character descriptions or areas such as that. If you don’t nail it down and stick to those certain areas you may end up talking about each book but since they are all three different you may stray off topic, state something about one book but never address that same area when discussing the other two.First find as many similarities in each book or traits they share since you are doing a comparison of each. then list those and then define which ones you are going to stick to for all three books and outline it from there. (I would suggest a tentative outline just to keep you on track when you start writing your first rough draft). Anywhoo just plan it, find certain topics and stick to those topics for each book as a list but elaborated on in the paragraphs of your essay. So each paragraph isn’t going to be about each book separately but the topics that are discussed about them in each paragraph.As an example thesis:Each book is wonderful and enjoyable to read and the many comparisons can be made in each novel when looking at their theme, plot organization, and character descriptions.So a sample outline would go like thisIntro with thesisTheme:Book ABook BBook CPlot:Book ABook BBook COrganization:Book ABook BBook CConclusionSo you see where I am going here discuss each book under each topic of discussion, which should be the three or more points of your thesis.Some more help to look at if you want… if you organize it like that I think it would make it easier and if you just wrote a paragraph about each book you would really get confused fast and find you made a point but never compared it to the other two books. Good luck and hope you do well.

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