How To Pop Up Books

Which are your favorite books.

“How to” or “pop up” books.

hey i collect pop up books!!! i’m not kiddin!

how do you make a pop-up book.

after watching ENCHANTED for the 50th time, i wanted to make a pop-up book using castles and art nouveau like they did. i want to make one for my french 2 class next year because you get to make storybooks in that class i’ve heard. does anyone know by any chance some really good books on how to make one or some…

The best thing I can tell you is to check out Robert Sabuda’s web site. He is renowned for his pop-up books, and his web site ( has a little tab that says “explore pop-ups.” There, he has different avenues to explore, like making your own simple pop ups (I like the Frankenstein one). One of the avenues is for “pop-up books.” He lists a whole bunch of books you could go to in order to learn more about how to make them, if his simple pop-ups list doesn’t help you. The more complex ones that Mr. Sabuda knows how to create can make your eyes cross, but it’s still interesting. Free hood books

hey, i’m looking for a couple of tutorials on the web that show me how to make pop up books.

i’m look for more complex ideas, NOT the really cheesy pop up card ideas (ie, the overdone “duck opening its beak” gag, etc). Something that emphasizes “things are not as they seem”, as in the underlying theme in Macbeth? Maybe like this…

There sure are. I googled pop up books tutorial and once you got past the pop up blocker groups, there were several ones that looked interesting.Here’s one from Japan—

pop up books…

can anyone give me a website that will teach me how to make things pop out of a book..? please and thanks ツ……I love pop-up books. I got top marks in class once for making a pop-up book as a project. Good luck. =)Also, researching on how to make pop-up cards helped me construct pop up books. Some sites that teach you how to make pop-up cards:…

Where can I find out how to make complicated pop up books or paper engineering.

I am 15 and i have set myself the difficult task of making a pop up book, this needs to be a complicated book as it is not for children but for my art coursework so i do not want childish simple pop ups please help me I’m really struggling

First, find a copy of Luke Herriot’s “The Packaging and Design Templates Sourcebook”. Amazon has it, but if you have access to a college or art center library, try that first. It’s not about books, specifically, but it has tons of interesting paper-folding ideas and techniques that can get you started, plus a CD of templates so you can print them and try making them.Then, if you’re really serious about paper arts, I suggest finding a local art organization and taking a class. In the city where I live, we have a great book arts center, and even just going to look at their galleries has given me tons of ideas. They teach classes on several book-making topics every month, from paper folding to binding to printing.Better yet, websites for such places often have many useful links to arts centers in other areas (so you can find one near you), and also links to websites that can teach you different book arts techniques.Check out some art fairs too – you’ll likely see some inspiring ideas and get a chance to talk with the artists about how they did it and where some good resources are.Good luck!

How to pop up the address book when composing email.

I used to be able to just double click “To”, but suddenly it no longer works, what’s the problem?

As it opens in another window check that you have pop up unblocked, but that should not be the problem. If not try to click on “insert addresses” right next on top to “TO”, the same window should open. If not right click on it to “open on link in new tab”.There’s many ways to access your address book.

how to make a full landscape POP UP PAGE in BOOK.

i need to make a page for my scrap where i can put my BIRTH CERTIFICATE and when every time I open my BOOk the CERTIFICATE POP UP FULLY LANDSCAPE ! CAN u help me how to make??? please !!!

Take two 9Γ—12 pieces of construction papers and fold them into halves. Now take one paper and locate a dot at the center of the folded edge.Draw a line from the marked dot to the outer edge of the paper.Using a pair of scissors cut through the line, starting from the folded edge. Fold back the flaps created by cutting. Fold them back such that they form two triangles.Open the flaps again and also open the whole page. Now, hold the paper in such manner that it appears like a tent. Place your finger at the top of the triangle and carefully push it down so that the triangle is pushed through to the other side of the paper.Now put your finger at the bottom of the paper triangle and repeat the same thing. You will notice that top and bottom triangles will be pushed out to form a mouth inside the card.Whenever you open or close the card, the mouth will simultaneously open and close and it will seem that it’s talking.You can now draw a person or an animal or even a monster around the mouth and glue the inside and outside pages together. But make sure you do not apply any glue in the area with pop-up mouth. Your cover for your book is ready.Now you can add pages to your cover. Decide how many pages you want to include and fold each paper into halves. Put glue inside the folded edges of the paper and attach the pages together. Allow them to dry.Select your story and pen it down in these pages, only when dried properly. While writing the stories on the inside pages, you can leave spaces for adding pop-up characters.Now cut out interesting characters for your story and decide which characters will be pasted on each page. Make sure to leave some space at the bottom of the characters.Carefully glue these characters into the story. Make sure you fold the bottom of each character and then add a little glue on it. Press them firmly so that they get properly fixed. Continue the process for other characters on other pages of the book.

How to add pop up notes when publishing kindle book.

So when the reader goes over the text he can see the pop up note.Thank you

I don’t think you can do that. Kindle supports annotations added by the customer.Kindle used to support an X-ray feature to add additional (I think pop-up) content but I think they removed the ability to self-publishers to add that because people were using it to scam the system somehow.

how to make a pop up book .

is there any web site were i can learn to make popup books.

Here are links I’ve found for you, including videos :……… — a selection of videos & video tutorials on how to make pop-up books.Hope these helpHave fun πŸ™‚

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