How To Play Audible Books On Pc

I’m considering upgrading my mp3 player….

I currently have a 5thGen 30g iPod. It’s getting full. I know I can not load everything I have on my iPod, but I’m annoying and like to have everything I can with me. Now here’s the predicament. The iPod has last me about 2-3 years. Not bad, but I’ve heard that the larger iPods, 80g and 160g,...

To begin…the main benefit of giving the Zune its own dedicated software is the ability to integrate an online music store (Zune Marketplace) alongside the users’ own music library. The Zune Marketplace is also seeing a refresh, with added DRM-free download content, more attractive artist pages, better genre-based editorial content, a podcast directory, and more granular subcategories within genres. The Zune Marketplace is still missing the TV and movie content found through competitors such as iTunes, although it does offer music videos. Expect Microsoft to make another big push for its all-you-can-eat Zune Pass music subscription serviceThe Zune supports WMV, MPEG-4, and H.264 video formats natively at a DVD-quality 30fps frame rate. Windows Media Center users will be happy to know that the Zune also imports DVR-MS recorded video content. Although the Zune’s screen displays at a 320×240 resolution, video files stored on the Zune can be as large as 720×480 and played at full resolution through the composite video output built into the Zune’s headphone jack. An optional Zune AV dock can output video using a higher quality component cable. Unlike the iPod, the Zune’s built-in video output mirrors its onscreen display, which means that all of the Zune’s features (including menus) can display on your TV. With its support of RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System) station information, the Zune’s FM radio is one of the best available on a handheld device. Depending on the broadcaster, the Zune’s FM radio displays station call letters, genre, as well as the currently playing artist and song information. The Zune’s radio is dependent on a connected pair of headphones to act as an antenna, however, so don’t be surprised if the radio doesn’t work while the Zune is connected to an AV dock. Users can switch between European, North American, and Japanese radio bands from the Zune’s radio settings menu. Aside from its wireless-sync capability, the Zune’s most intriguing feature is its ability to share music and photos between users. With the latest version of the Zune PC software, the social aspect of recommending music and showing off your music interests can now reach beyond Zune users who are within range of your Wi-Fi antenna. Zune users are now encouraged to set up their Zune Card, giving them an online identity that reveals their listening habits and favorite songs to the world, and opens up the opportunity to discover and recommend new music through interaction with other Zune users. The new Zune Card online community may be a bit much for some people, but plans to integrate the Zune Card for use with larger social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace may provide an automatic way to update your friends on your musical tastes.While the Zune is one of the more full-featured MP3 players on the market, there are some competitive features it lacks. If you’re looking for a voice recorder, line-input recorder, or FM radio recorder, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Without support for Audible audio books or audio file bookmarking, the Zune is probably not our first choice for book lovers. The most shocking feature not found in the latest crop of Zunes is an audio EQ control. Now having said all this……I WANT ONE!

what is beneficial, buying a MAC laptop or Microsoft laptop.

MIcrosoft , why you ask? well from my own experience , having a mac book pro , i say it sucks!!! you can’t run s-h-i-t on it!! like aim for it, sucks! yahoo messenger, it sucks!! you can’t have chat rooms, audibles, pc to pc calling , text messaging nothing!! then some websites don’t even work on a mac!! and for some that do like myspace for example, the layouts are all ******-e-d up!!!! like for example your friends myspace layout won’t display how it’s suppose to , then other websites will be like “we do not support your current operating system ” it’s a pain in the -a-s-s-!!! hardly any f-u-c-k-e-n programs are available on a mac , like windows media player or real player, yeah there avalible, but they suck!!! you can only us them to hear music or watch a video, and that’s it! you can’t use them to organize your music , make playlists, sync etc… nothing, only crappy itunes works!!! so i’m saying to you, i am going to protect you, go for a toshiba like or a sony vaio <<( very modern stylish and come in different colors) but stay away from macs, they suck!! i will give you my mac i hate it i hate it !! buy anything running windows xp but please i beg you don't buy a mac unless you want to suffer like i do , sure they trick you with the "0o0oh isight camera o0o0" but even that sucks! and now in stores like stables there are lots of really really beautiful laptops soo skinny and stylish that run windows vista which looks really really better than os x and the future leopard, and they sell at $500-900!! a mac costs about $2,000 be wise my friend i wish i would have bought a windows but i'm stuck with this crap**EDIT YES YOU CAN RUN WINDOWS ON A MAC, BUT IT'S AWFULLY SLOW, I INSTALLED IT AND IT WAS REALLY SLOW, AND YEAH I AGREE WITH THE 7TH ANSWER , YOU CAN'T PLAY ANY COOL GAMES ONLY BORING A-S-S games

Free vampire books online

convert songs in itunes.

ok so i am a very technology savvy person but one thing i havent figured out is how to convert a song (oh say from mp3 to aac) and NOT keep the original one (in this case the mp3. i want to compress all my songs on my itunes list, but if i do i will have duplicates of every song and then i would have to go back…

MelodyCan software includes a powerful feature to convert practically any audio file format, both protected and non-protected, which can be played on your PC, for example: Windows Media Audio (Napster To Go, Yahoo Music store), MPEG4-AAC Audio (iTunes store), Real Audio (Rhapsody store), Sony’s proprietary compressed music formats (Sony CONNECT Music Store), audio books (Audible store) etc.

Can someone please explain Kindle to me.

I honestly don’t get it…Do I have to pay a monthly fee? How do I get books on my phone that aren’t samples? Are there audiobooks on it?

There are 3 Kindles of “Kindle” — Kindle Fire Tablet (color LCD tablets Fire HD, Fire HDX)- Kindle Ereader (grayscale eInk screen models Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage)- Kindle app (free ereader app available for most computers and smart mobile devices)All of the above can read Kindle ebooks from Amazon. You BUY the ebooks. Some ebooks at Amazon are free and most have prices. You must have a credit or debit card in your Amazon account settings to buy any complete ebooks, even free ones. And your Kindle (whatever kind) must be registered to your account to read the ebooks that account buys.There is no monthly fee unless you want there to be one. There is an optional “Kindle Unlimited” subscription (which I have) and that costs about $9.99/month (depending on country) and allows to to borrow up to 10 ebooks at a time from 700,000 of Amazon’s ebooks (this is not all ebooks, and is mainly lower-price ebooks and not bestsellers, not e-textbooks). A much smaller number of Audible audiobooks are also borrowable.Re audiobooks – you CANNOT play audiobooks on Kindle ereaders because they have no audio at all. You CAN play Audible audiobooks on Kindle Fire tablets using the Audible App. You can play Audible audibooks on most computers and smart mobile devices by using an Audible app. Audible has their own subscription of $15/moth which gets you only one free audiobook per month. You DO NOT have to sign up for that. You can just BUY the individual Audible audiobooks (which are often cheaper if you have already purchased the ebook).There is also text-to-speech – SOME ebooks at Amazon allow text-to-speech, i.e. a computer voice reading the ebook. The sales page will say if Text-to-Speech is enabled (a publisher choice). I believe you can only use text-to-speech on a Kindle Fire tablet OR on a Windows PC with the “accessibility” version of the Kindle Reader app for PC.

How do I stop iTunes from corrupting MP3 files that play perfectly in Windows Media Player. .

I’ve also asked this question on the Apple discussion forum but have yet to get a response.Version: iTunes replicate on two machines: my Sony Vaio running Windows Vista and a work PC running Windows XPI’ve imported many MP3 files of late that play perfectly well in Windows Media…

I think the problem is with the new iTunes program – I am also having trouble with it. Also, I am not certain iTunes can play mp3 – thought it only played mp4. Do you have to use the iTunes? A number of mp3 players say to use iTunes for downloading to them but I usually use the drag-n-drop or sync thru wma – actually, I use other programs as I usually put audible books on my player. Do you have a ‘cleaning lab’ program? Maybe putting it thru that would help. Or Roxio 10 has a program where you can change the .wma to .mp3 and I think also to .mp4 You might want to check those out. Maybe that could help.Good Luck.

Can an Audio Book be downloaded to Kindle PC if Kindle doesn’t support audio..

The Paperwhite version of Kindle readers doesn’t support audio.

No, but it can be downloaded to the computer and played in a variety of applications. Exactly how it plays depends upon the source. Books from can be played on their Audible app on iOS and Android devices, and I believe they have an app for computers as well. Their books can also be played in Windows Media Player and iTunes. Other vendors of audiobooks have their own players, and most can be played in WMP and iTunes.

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