How To Add Books To Your Kindle

how to put money on your kindle.

well it’s my birthdat today 15 march here in england and im 15 today but my mum got me a kindle even though i got dislexia i love to read books lol i think it’s cose it affect my readong skills less but any way how do you out money on your kindle cose i know how to buy books cose of a video but im not sure...

Put money on your Kindle? Not sure I understand your question, but to buy books just make an account on Amazon and add a credit card to your profile. Browse books in the Amazon and it will be delivered to you instantly if you’re connected to your wireless network. Just make sure you register on the uk version of Amazon…That’s how I do it anyways. =)

download books to kindle.

Other then, is there any other stores or something like that online where to download books to my kindle.

you can google “[name of book you want] ebook download” or something along those lines and you can normally find one for free. i have a nook so im not sure how to add files to a kindle, but there is a way to put them on there! Spiritual books for free

How do you put books on a kindle.

I have the original kindle and i want to know how to add books to it. (i download a book off of gutenberg). Please help!

I have the Kindle 3 and what I do is Email the books to the Kindle Address.My kindle address would be say [email protected] yours would be what ever you set up.Just use the address you set up your kindle under, then open a new email, attach the book, and send it to the Kindle address.or connect with a Usb and use Calibre a free program to covert and load.

How Do I Add Books To iPhone.

I Have Some Real Books (Paperback) is there any way i can put them inside my iphone without paying cause i already have it in paperback. i checked in ibooks and the book i have is there. Book: World War Z

Unless you copy the entire book word-for-word and save it on your phone, I don’t think it’s possible to put a real book on your iPhone. I use the Kindle app. Any books I purchase on go directly to my Kindle, or if you don’t own a kindle, you can just have the books downloaded to your kindle app. It’s a real fun and easy application. All you have to do is download the books from amazon on your iPod/iPhone and you can read them ANYWHERE without needing access to WiFi.

How to add pop up notes when publishing kindle book.

So when the reader goes over the text he can see the pop up note.Thank you

I don’t think you can do that. Kindle supports annotations added by the customer.Kindle used to support an X-ray feature to add additional (I think pop-up) content but I think they removed the ability to self-publishers to add that because people were using it to scam the system somehow.

kindle collections, how to.

how do you move books on your kindle to a collection that you have created.

It’s kind of hard to describe – Amazon has a help document at… that includes instructions on how to create collections and add books to them, along with other helpful information.

How do you add the books you have on Kindle to another device.

Like from your Kindle to a kindle acct. on your smartphone or the Kindle Fire??

On the Amazon site you can go to manage my kindle.Log in & you should see all the devices and You should be able to send it to whatever app you would like. On the Fire, you have to download it from the carousel or the cloud by tapping on the cover picture.

How to add my books from Ipad to my Kindle.

I would like to add the books i purchased on my ipad to my kindle. Is there any way i can?

Did you buy your ebooks from Apple iTunes, or from Amazon Kindle store? If you bought them from iTunes, then you can only read them on Apple devices but not other devices. If you got them from Amazon, then just login your Amazon account on the Kindle, and you’ll see all purchases that you’ve made under that account.There’re only certain kind of digital content from iTunes that are not DRM protected, be able to use on the Kindle. Here’s a good discussion on this:, I suggest to buy books from Amazon instead. Those books can be used on Kindles, as well as any Android smartphones / tablets, Apple devices, Blackberries, etc. It’ll be more flexible. Just get them to your Amazon account using a computer, and you’ll see them on your Kindle.

How do you add books to a Kindle.

I don’t have one yet, just asking. Is it like an MP3 player where you can add whatever e-books you already have to it? From what I’m reading it sounds like you can only read what you buy off Amazon.

You can add mobi format ebooks (also html and txt) by putting them in the Documents folder of the Kindle. And if you have an Amazon account (requires a credit or debit card in the account settings but it can be a parent’s card) then you register the Kindle to that account, and you can buy ebooks at Amazon – they will be delivered wirelessly if the Kindle is connected to Wifi. If you have unprotected ebooks in another format you can convert them with the free program Calibre. You can also put PDF’s in the documents folder but most PDF’s are hard to read on a small screen sing PDf readers cannot change the font size or reflow the lines (you can only zoom and drag PDF’s).NOTE – if what you have is a Kindle Fire color tablet, the ebooks go in the Books folder and PDFs (and maybe txt and html) go in the documents folder. But if your have a monochrome display Kindle ereader, they all go into Documents.There are lots of modern free ebooks at Amazon. Some are only free for a day or two. The Top 100 Free list is found with Kindle Bestsellers… click categories at left to see Top 100 Free in a category (this is Amazon US but other Amazons have similar list)…And I use this site to help me spot the latest free ebooks at Amazon

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