How Many Books In The Descendants Series

Which book should I read next.

Okay, so I’m looking for a new book to read! I’m not really sure how to describe my reading style, but I read many of these books before they were popular so don’t say I just like “new trends” and stuff please 🙂 Anyways, here is a list of some of my recently read (and some favourite)...

I’ve read all of the books you listed, and loved them. Since we have similar taste, I’ll list some of my other favorites.– Everlost by Neal Shusterman (When Nick and Allie are in an accident, their souls are stuck in a sort of limbo, called everlost. It’s a magical yet dangerous place, where bands of lost souls run wild and anyone who stands in the same spot too long sinks to the center of the Earth.) fantasy– Gone by Michael Grant (On an ordinary day, in an ordinary town, everyone over 15 suddenly disappears. At first life seems salvageable, but then the teens start developing powers, and sides start being chosen for the ultimate war)– Unwind by Neal Shusterman (After a devastating war between the Life Army and the Choice Brigade, unwinding was the solution that ended the war. Now, at the age of 13, parents can retroactively abort a child. Connor, Risa and Lev are all being unwound for completely different reasons, but they’re thrown together in a desperate cross country journey to escape unwinding. Unwind is creepy, original, and thought provoking. Highly recommend it.)– Incarceron by Catherine Fisher (Incarceron — a futuristic prison, sealed from view, where the descendants of the original prisoners live in a dark world torn by rivalry and savagery. For as long as he can remember, Incarceron has been Finn’s life, but then he finds a crystal key, and communicates with a girl who claims to be Outside.)– The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong (Chloe can see and talk to ghosts, but when she’s sent to a group home for troubled teens, she doesn’t realize that the residents have secrets of their own)– Divergent by Veronica Roth (In Beatrice’s world, everyone is sorted into a faction at 16. When her testing results are inconclusive, she makes a choice that surprises even herself. Her choice bringsdeadly secrets, and terrifying dangers, including surviving the competitive initiation)– The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson (Maximum Ride is one of the part bird part humans on the run from monsters, and even more sinister forces.)– Cirque du Freak series by Darren Shan (When Darren goes to a freak show with his best friend, he never expects Steve to recognize one of the performers as a vampire. He never expects Steve to want to become a vampire, but for the vampire to refuse, setting off a deadly cycle of revenge.) It’s not a romance, and it’s really original and addicting, so please give it a try even though it’s a vampire book– Dark Visions by L.J. Smith (When Kait draws, her doodles come true. She’s been shunned for years, but when she receives the scholarship of a lifetime, and a chance to study with other physic teens (including handsome, angelic Rob, and dangerous, mysterious Gabriel), she doesn’t realize that everything isn’t what it seems)– Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare (At a club, Clary witnesses a murder committed by three teens, including gorgeous, golden haired Jace. They claim to have murdered a demon, and even more strange, they act like Clary shouldn’t be able to see them)– The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness (Todd lives in a dystopian nightmare– Everyone can hear everyone else’s thoughts. Todd decides to leave, but how can you run from someone who knows what you’re thinking)– Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones (When a curse turns Sophie into an old lady, she seeks refuge at the Wizard Howl’s castle. Against her better judgement, she strikes a bargain with a fire demon: He’ll make Sophie young again, if she can break the curse that binds him and Howl)– The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson (Maximum Ride is one of the part bird part humans on the run from monsters, and even more sinister forces.) Fantasy– Life As We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer (An asteroid has hit the moon, causing tidal waves, earthquakes and volcanoes to spread across the planet. Miranda, a regular teen, struggles not only to survive, but to keep her identity in the face of the biggest crisis in history)– The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan (In Mary’s world, there are simple truths: The Sisterhood always knows best. The Unconsecrated will never relent. But slowly, Mary’s truths are failing her. She’s learning things she never wanted to know about the Sisterhood and it’s secrets.)– The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman (Lyra’s cozy life is turned around first when she overhears a conversation about a mysterious substance, and then when children start disappearing)

ROOTS book.

whatis the story of the book ROOTS i found out tht its real good so please tell me the story of it

`EDIT…I have been continually adding new stuff so if you read this within the first hour, you may want to re-read to get the completed info and links..thanksoh it is an extremely good book.I also suggest checking at your library and watching the several part series when it was on TV.they often have the vcr tapes..the series was so gripping and interesting that I wanted to read the book. I remember when it played on TV many white people began to feel guilty even though they personally had nothing to do with slavery, black people felt anger and pride, and most people did not really think about it that much before or realize how bad it really was, The movie changed how people perceived and looked at this part of our history for both races.Alex Haley as a young boy used to sit on the porch and hear the stories of his ancestors down through history from his old aunts and grandparents that went all the way back to the first ancester that came to America named Kunte Kinte. He was a proud man, a young and healthy man and he could not live the life of a slave…many masters had troubles with the people who came here from Africa as they had once been free and they never forgot what it was to be free. He tried to run several times and was caught and then they gave him a choice as they held an axe –chose they indicted your privates or your foot and then they cut off half his foot crippling him…the people who had been born a slave were harder to control and more frightened. they forced him to change his name to Toby..he refused to answer to it but eventually he was forced to. He married and had a daughter who he taught all the words of his native land and all the traditional customs…many things happened but I do not want to ruin it for you if you watch or read it which I HIGHLY recommend.The story then goes down the generations telling the stories of each descendant till it gets down to the author Alex Haley. It is fascinating stories and shows how much the slaves suffered..and how they lived –their sorrows and joys.After his aunts died, Haley could not get the story of his rich history out of his head…there were many sketchy details given that most descendants of the slaves now living never knew nor could they trace as it was difficult to find record or know the names of ancestors so long ago with sketchy records often kept on slaves as few families passed down so many years of history in such detail..the pride had been instilled in each of them generation by generation…many of Haley’s relatives were highly successful in life and educated. And with the pride a bit of righteous anger followed to the ancestors of Kinte Kunte..Haley began to try to find records and eventually found the actual documents of Kunte Kinte’s arrival in the US, his sale,. and the very ship they brought his here on and the shipmaster’s name and such and how many slaves were packed in the hold–male and female He tracked down the descendants of the owners of Kinte also and they met…he then studied and actually tried to personally reenact going down to replica ships and staying lying on the small area each slave was given crammed like sardines and in the area they were chained beneath the deck with no access to bathrooms, little food, and no medical attention to try to feel how it must have been for the captured people of America coming here. He describes in depth the hellish journey where so many died and suffered.He finally was able to from the several words passed down accurately through the ages to find the very dialect of the many, many Africans tribes and eventually found the very tribes his great, great, great grandfather (I think it was) had been captured from..he crossed the ocean and went there ..arriving at the village, he describes how he felt..impure with his fair skin gotten from the rapes of some of his ancestors by their masters standing among the extremely dark skinned people,.At this village they had these people whose job in life was to memorize hundreds and hundreds of years of passed down history all the names and who everyone married and their children and who they married tying them with markers in time to give some sense of when things happened and markers in time..who they married and so took these men decades to pass this information down to the next historian who had to memorize all this data and they began way back in history (as they had to start at the beginning for that is how thy memorized it)So the historian began to tell the long history before all the people of the village and Alex and his interrupter,,,it went on for hours (kind of like the begats in the Bible) until he finally got to the father of kinte and how many siblings kinte had and this man who spoke no English and knew little of the history of Haley passed down on this side of the world said one day near the time of the (flood or whatever the marker of time events was) the oldest son of x and y named Kunta Kinte went to cut some wood to make a drum and never returned..This same story of going to cut wood to make a drum had been told to Kinte’s child in America and they in turn passed it all the way down to current day and when they got to this part and Alex realized this man and all that had then happened began to weep as the interpreter told them of what had happened to Kunta Kinte and why he never returned to the building those 200 years ago and they all began to hug him and some wept and it was very emotional.After this, Haley wrote it all down filling in the historical facts with what he learned from his study of slavery and slave ships and practices and added dialogue and then after the book..they made it into a many week series that so many of us watched…it was very talked about when it was on TV maybe 25 years ago or something.So do read it, the book is very detailed and sad and interesting ..the beginning may seem slow to you as it goes on for considerable times about how life was in Africa for Kunte Kinte/Toby by piecing together what he learned from the griots (I think that is what the historians were called) and the people from Africa of that tribe and area…but it does pick up after that…the movie featured many, many famous black and white actors. it and the book were gripping and made you cry..and also gave some hope..once you read and see it (I guess it is also on dvd) you will likely never forget it and chicken george, hilda, tizzy,and the characters,.…I looked and there is more about it on yahoo if you do a are some more opinions;…

Pregnancy books free

How can the Natives claim that this is “their land”…

The descendants of the natives whose tribes once roamed this continent like to claim that, somehow, they are the rightful owners of OUR LAND.The natives seem to base this claim on the assertion that we took the land from them, after defeating them in a series wars and that such conquest is…

It really does not matter. Most every piece of land on Earth has changed hands many times. No matter which country you discuss, they only hold that land because they are strong enough or have allies strong enough to prevent others from taking it. Look at the Falkland Islands war. It never stops. The Inuits were too weak to hold the land. They are lucky that the people who took it away were magnanimous enough not to exterminate them completely.Look at the history of other peoples who were conquered. How about he Aztecs? How about all the Christians that populated Asia Minor? I submit, when you look at our history in the proper context of the times, we were pretty generous with the Indians. They still have their reservations and culture. We even granted them full citizenship and tax exemptions. You would be hard pressed to find any other country that can make that claim.How far back do we have to go? Caveman days? Does an entire continent belong to the first person to set foot in it? Please!*

How come Harry Potter is so special that he was ‘the boy who lived’.

Okay first of I only watched the films, didn’t read the books. Also I only watched the whole series this week.Now I understand that Harry’s mom, you know, sacrificed herself to save Harry so Harry became protected from Voldemort’s curse and it backfired ‘destroying’ his soul and turning…

It’s referenced in the books in a couple of places, chapter 37 of the order of the phoenix, dumbledore says that when lily died to save harry she gave him a lingering protection, one that is with him to this day, it flows in his blood, so when he is taken to live with his aunt “IT SEALED THE CHARM I PLACED UPON YOU” (direct quote from the book here)… so i assume that dumbledore placed a charm on harry that in the event of voldemort trying to kill him (assuming dumbledore knew harry’s parents would die to save him) harry would not die, thus being “the boy who lived”. The charm obviously dependent on lily’s love of harry making her die for him. Voldemort was only ever going to try and kill Harry or Neville Longbottom (according to the prophecy) so dumbledore may have placed the same charm on neville though it was never used…I’d recommend reading the books… the movies leave out so much!

Does anyone know the history of Transformers.

i wanted to how or when it got started i think it was in the 80s

The Transformers toyline and cartoon/anime series all owed their existence to the Japanese toyline, Microman (an Eastern descendant of the 12″ G.I. Joe action figure series). In 1980, the Microman spin-off, Diaclone, was released, featuring inch-tall humanoid figures able to sit in the drivers’ seats of scale model vehicles, which could transform into humanoid robot bodies the drivers piloted. Later still, in 1983, a Microman sub-line, MicroChange was introduced, featuring “actual size” items that transformed into robots, such as microcassettes, guns and toy cars. Diaclone and MicroChange toys were subsequently discovered on show at the 1983 Tokyo Toy Fair by Hasbro toy company product developer Henry Orenstein, who presented the concept to Hasbro’s head of R&D, George Dunsay. Enthusiastic about the product, it was decided to release toys from both Diaclone and MicroChange as one toyline for their markets.Once the Federal Communications Commission did away with regulations that prohibited toy companies from broadcasting cartoons based on their products in 1984, the way was cleared for the new product-based television program.Hasbro had previously worked with Marvel Comics to develop G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero for a three-pronged marketing scheme – the toyline, a tie-in comic book by Marvel, and an animated mini-series co-produced by Marvel’s media arm, Marvel Productions, and the Griffin-Bacal Advertising Agency’s Sunbow Productions animation studio. Given the success of that strategy, the process was repeated in 1984 when Hasbro marketing vice president Bob Prupis approached Marvel to develop their new robot series, which Jay Bacal dubbed “Transformers.”Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief at the time, Jim Shooter, produced a rough story concept for the series, creating the idea of the two warring factions of alien robots – the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. To flesh out his concept, Shooter called upon veteran editor Dennis O’Neil to create character names and profiles for the cast, but O’Neill’s work – for whatever reason – did not meet with Hasbro’s expectations, and they requested heavy revisions. O’Neill declined to make said revisions, and the project was turned down by several writers and editors approached by Shooter until editor Bob Budiansky accepted the task. Hastily performing the revisions over a weekend, Budiansky’s new names and profiles were a hit with Hasbro, and production began on a bi-monthly four-issue comic book miniseries, and three-part television pilot.Japanese designer Shōhei Kohara was responsible for creating the earliest character models for the Transformers cast, greatly humanising the toy designs to create more approachable robot characters for the comic and cartoon. His designs were subsequently simplified by Floro Dery, who went on to become the lead designer for the series, creating many more concepts and designs in the future.I’m sorry because I just copy paste it here…but if you wanted to read more go to the link below

Jehovah’s Witnesses, a question regarding an article from the 5-15-2012 Watchtower.

My question is regarding the “From Our Archives” section beginning on page 31. The article discusses the obstacles Charles Russell faced when trying to get his books from the Millennial Dawn series (later known as “Studies in the Scriptures”) into the hands of “seekers of…

I personally have the Studies in the Scriptures and many other old publications on book form.I also have others copied on CD form.They are a delight to read. They have encouraged me and strngthened me to realize just HOW MUCH of the truth was known at that time by the studies of these small groups of Bible Students who took their time and energy to search and research the scriptures and find the indisputable GEMS of Bible truth -NO hell fireNO immortality of the soulNO trinityNO destruction of the earth by fireNO heaven-only goalThese truths were found out and made public in print and public lectures when religion was REALLY a driving force in the lives of people.Today, with a large percentage of atheists, and just as large a percentage of “unchurched”, religion as doctrine is not even given the time of day by many.The thought is more – believe whatever you want and God will approve.But in the 1870’s and 1880’s – to step into the REAL TRUTH of the Bible took faith, courage, and effort. These men and women took their stand, and we can see that in the old publications.Reading them fortifies you and helps you to see the foundation and spiritual heritage God’s people have come from.I regularly share my copies with others – I locate extra copies in book stores and make sure that any Witness who wants copies can get them. I just handed out about 100 extra copies of older books, and I’ll be looking for more.At one time, I had 5 copies of the Harp of God. All my Bible studies are made aware of these publications and I share them with them so they may see how Jehovah has made sure that we have the truth.EDIT EDIT EDITSince I’m a bit older than some on here – 65 – what is “older” literature to some was what I grew up with. So for me, when I was becoming acquainted with the truth in the early 1950’s, the older publications, particularly the 1930’s and 1940’s, was NOT THAT OLD. That literature helped ME come to the realization of what the truth of God’s word was.I am a REAL history buff, so for me, finding and reading the older publications, even into the 1870’s was and still is a treat.I made a trip to Bethel in July 2011, and was privileged to take a one on one tour of the Writing Department. I saw the EXTENSIVE library of older publications and other research materials used and available.What I thought was most interesting, and a highlight for me was to see bound volumes of the BIBLE EXAMINER – dated 1850’s to 1870’s. This is a magazine which PREDATES the Watchtower. And I was able to see that Charles Russell had submitted articles for print in some of those magazines.The editor of the Bible Examiner, George Storrs, also believed as we do today – no trinity, no hell fire, no immortal soul, a paradise earth. In June 1879, Mr. Storrs died. And in July 1879, Charles Russell had printed the first edition of the Watchtower, because he realized that with Mr. Storr’s passing, there would no longer be the forum of research and study that he had participated in with Mr. Storrs.I also found out that Mr. Storr’s home was just blocks away from the present world headquarters in New York City. So of course, a side trip was necessary to see this Bible scholar’s former home.Knowing those extra details fortified me to know that Jehovah has seen to it that a faithful and discreet slave has truly been on the earth since Pentecost. I take a very personl interest in the development of God’s people from that vantage point.So, for me, the added interest is well spent. I have the time, and have lived long enough to have the advantage of both older and newer literature. Others do not have the same amount of time daily, or the advantage of the length of time in the truth.But during the 1000 year reign, and even today with the help of the “Archive” articles, they can begin to get up to speed.The spiritual heritage of God’s people, from the days of Pentecost to today, is important and worthwhile.Some people are cooks and some are chefs. The difference is mainly in time.And so it is with the study of the history of God’s people. My interest does not start with 1850, 1860, or 1870. I also study groups from the dark and middle ages, such as the Waldenses, Socinians, Paulists, Ana-baptists, Hutterites, and many others. We can find out about the door to door preachers of those times also – and their rejection of the trinity, hell fire, etc.And I have read Isaac Newton’s religious studies. He had the truth of Daniel and Revelation as if it came out of one of our publications today. VERY INTERESTING. And John Hus – his fight for the truth is just as interesting.

Book ideas, thoughts.

Ok, so i want to write a book. normally i have way better grammar than this but i am in a rush. so i want to write a eries, dont know how many books yet. i have ideas for them but dont quite know how long i want the books to be. now, in the books elves are enslaved by humans, so theelves alliance with the dwarves,…

A famous writer once said, “Start as close to the ending as possible.”

The impact of Roots the book and mini-series.

How did it have an impact on America?Please explain in great detail, it would be greatly appreciated.

lol im doing a project on that right now, but heres a passage i found from some site————————————–…The success of Roots had lasting impact on the television industry. The show defied industry conventions about black-oriented programming: executives simply had not expected that a show with black heroes and white villains could attract such huge audiences. In the process, Roots almost single-handedly spawned a new television format — the consecutive-night mini-series. (Previous mini-series, like the 1976 hit, Rich Man, Poor Man, had run in weekly installments.) Roots also validated the docudrama approach of its Executive Producer, David Wolper. The Wolper style, blending fact and fiction in a soap-opera package, influenced many subsequent mini-series. Finally, Roots was credited with having a positive impact on race relations, expanding the nation’s sense of history.Based on Alex Haley’s best-selling novel about his African ancestors, Roots followed several generations in the lives of a slave family. The saga began with Kunta Kinte (LeVar Burton), a West African youth captured by slave raiders and shipped to America in the 1700s. Kunta received brutal treatment from his white masters and rebelled continually. An older Kunta (John Amos) married and his descendants carried the story after his death. Daughter Kizzy (Leslie Uggams) was raped by her master and bore a son, later named Chicken George (Ben Vereen). In the final episode, Kunta Kinte’s great-grandson Tom (Georg Stanford Brown) joined the Union Army and gained emancipation. Over the course of the saga, viewers saw brutal whippings and many agonizing moments, rapes, the forced separations of families, slave auctions. Through it all, however, Roots depicted its slave characters as well-rounded human beings, not merely as victims or symbols of oppression.Apprehensions that Roots would flop shaped the way that ABC presented the show. Familiar television actors like Lorne Greene were chosen for the white, secondary roles, to reassure audiences. The white actors were featured disproportionately in network previews. For the first episode, the writers created a conscience-stricken slave captain (Ed Asner), a figure who did not appear in Haley’s novel but was intended to make white audiences feel better about their historical role in the slave trade. Even the show’s consecutive-night format allegedly resulted from network apprehensions. ABC programming chief Fred Silverman hoped that the unusual schedule would cut his network’s imminent losses–and get Roots off the air before sweeps week.Silverman, of course, need not have worried. Roots garnered phenomenal audiences. On average, 80 million people watched each of the last seven episodes. 100 million viewers, almost half the country, saw the final episode, which still claims one of the highest Nielsen ratings ever recorded, a 51.1 with a 71 share. A stunning 85% of all television homes saw all or part of the mini-series. Roots also enjoyed unusual social acclaim for a television show. Vernon Jordan, former president of the Urban League, called it “the single most spectacular educational experience in race relations in America.” Today, the show’s social effects may appear more ephemeral, but at the time they seemed widespread. Over 250 colleges and universities planned courses on the saga, and during the broadcast, over 30 cities declared “Roots” weeks.

Name for a Fiction book series needed… any ideas.

I’m currently in the middle of writing a supernatural based fictional story that I want to make part of a series.I’m a little stuck on the series title though as well as the first book title. So far, I’ve got character profiles and plot summaries. The overall series is about Valkyries and the…

Series:Secrets of the ValkyriesBook:The HiddenI don’t know…I’m bad at this…especially since I don’t know anything about the other books in the series. But your plot summary got me interested, so good job! At first I was like, “Oh dear, someone’s trying to make something like the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and I’m going to have to tell them its too similar,” but I think its very unique. (and very good :D)

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