Books On How To Win The Lottery

Does anyone know of any books regarding lottery winners.

I don’t play the lottery and am not interested in books on how to win….I am just interested in lottery winners and how so many of them seem to die unhappy and penniless.

I know of a fiction one which I do believe is called “Lottery”I *think* it’s about a special guy who wins the lottery.

another book idea, any suggestions.

Everyone thinks about what it would be like if they won the megamillions/lottery. i was thinking about starting a book that has to do something with winning the lottery and the life you could lead. any ideas on how to start it off??

You could start off by showing the families life before they win and then go from there to show how their life changes for the better or for the worse. It sounds like a good idea so keep writing and good luck.

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How to write a descriptive paragraph about winning the lotter.

I don’t know how to write it pls help!

I’m sure you have a text book, read up on what a descriptive paragraph is if you don’t know already. You can always use the internet as well. The main thing with descriptive essays are that you must convey to your reader what you want them to see by being very descriptive about what you’re describing. With the topic of winning the lottery, start out your essay with the day in which you bought the lottery ticket. Maybe say something about how it was a normal day, describe how the temp was outside, how busy the store was that you got the ticket from, how the cashier at the store maybe took a long time, how he/she looked. Then when you get to the day that you find out you win the lottery do the same. Explain exactly how you would feel the moment that you read those numbers and discover that you win the lottery. Your hearts probably pounding as you read the first three numbers and they are all matches, then when you get to the last number and you realize it’s a winning ticket the World might stop..or you may get dizzy, or sounds may be really may hear the wind hitting the window, you may have sweaty palms, you may be breathing hard, you may be so excited that you bounce up and down like your a child in a bouncy house…Just use very descriptive words to describe things..then you can go on to be descriptive of what you’ll buy or do with the money.I’m not sure exactly how long your essay needs so these are just examples.good-luck!

I got an email about a book that will give you techniques on how to win the lotto, you think this is true.

The guy who is selling the program already won 3 million dollars and there are testimonies of other people who won. I tried to search about it for reviews but for some reason I can’t find any. It sounded like a scam, but the poor side of me is telling me to try it and see if I’ll win. Help I need your advice….

No. There are no techniques to winning the lottery. It is all chance. This is a scam emaill and don’t buy anything!

how to win the lottery with magik.

my friends did is some how, does anyone no how

Not a unique situation, actually!People on these forums have used number analysis, psychics, “Lotto Experts”, dream analysis, lotto books, lotto websites, prayer, and YES – VOODOO MAGIC!!!(Of course NONE of these things actually increased anyone’s odds of winning, and neither did your friend’s magic. If they won anything, they are messing with you by telling you they used magic!)

Any good lotto books on the market.

I wn the gail howard books. are there any other good books on how to win the lottery

No! And that includes any book you already have.For fun, let’s imagine that there were a book or a system that could give you a 5% edge over everyone else. (Truly there isn’t, but let’s just imagine for a second.) STILL you would be in for the WORST BET you could ever make!The lottery starts with a FIFTY PERCENT edge over the player!!! That means for every $100,000 they take in, they only pay out $50,000 in winning tickets! The worst casino game in the world is perhaps a 10 to 15% edge for the casino. So – even if you gained an extra 5% over everyone else, that’s still a 45% edge for the lottery! You can’t beat those kinds of odds! Not with a system. Not with a book.

how to win the lottery.

there is this guy he won 6 jackpots he was on the oprah winfrey whats his name anyone?

i read about that guy. He is the only guy to ever win that many times and claims to have a strategy and even wrote a bookits all luck. if anyone thinks they can have a strategy to predict numbers, they are an idiot.

How can I win the lottery .

Trying to win the lottery here lol

Anyone suggesting that a book can even possibly help you win the lottery is either lying to you so they can sell you the book, or is a complete idiot, (most likely here), or both.How can you win the lottery? Simple – you can’t.I’ve done the math on this, and it’s bad news. You could buy 50 lottery tickets per week for the next 70 years of your life, and you STILL would have, by any practical measure, ZERO chance of ever hitting any sort of lottery jackpot. (E-mail me if you really want to see the math behind that statement.)It’s simply never going to happen. Ever. It’s not a “fun” truth, but I promise you it’s the truth nonetheless.

Do these ‘how to win the lottery’ books really help.

I see alot of these on the internet and i am wondering if anyone here has actually tried it. And if yes, was it effective?

A book about how to win the lotterymust be written by someone who won.Not only once but a few times.It may give a reason to present aprocedure as being effective.Supposing that exists such person, stillI am not convinced that a reader can use itwithout the explanations of the author.And,if such author exists, his book must costa lot of money.Or what today exists is cheap books and authors who wantnot be disturbed in their sleep.I have two conclusions.1} Never heard that someone won the lottery by readinga book.2} Instead an online training is worth 100 times its cost.And the last opinion. Every lottery in every country is different.There can not an universal method for all the lotteries from whole

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