How To Memorize The Books Of The Old Testament

What’s your summary of each book in the bible in few sentences.

For example; Genesis is mainly about the creation of the universe and everything in it. Revelations is mainly about rapture. What of the other books in the Bible. How would you summarize the contents of every one of them?

The Old TestamentGenesis – Beginnings – history book of pre-flood, post flood to Abraham & sons / grandsons.Exodus – Moses takes Israel out of Egypt and gives the Law.Leviticus – Law for LevitesNumbers – More history from Moses – with numbersDeuteronomy – Reiteration of LeviticusJoshua – The guy who took over for Moses conquers their new territory.Judges – Israel in their new land. No overarching leaders, just prophets and judges.Ruth – Interesting story in the genealogy of David1 Samuel – Prophet Samuel – mostly about Saul and David2 Samuel – more of the same.1 Kings – About the kings of Israel2 Kings – more of the same1 Chronicles – Like 1 Kings with different details – starts out with a genealogy from Adam2 Chronicles – more of the sameEzra – Israel in exile and then permitted back into the landNehemiah – like EzraEsther – About the same time as Ezra, but she was queen of the conquering landJob – Beginning book of the poetry books. He lived for a couple hundred years, so likely the oldest book beside Genesis.Psalms – praise the Lord!Proverbs – Wisdom of Solomon and othersEcclesiastes – Despair if not living according to God’s planSong of Solomon – RomanceIsaiah – Prophet tells of impending doom for Israel if they don’t turn back to the covenantJeremiah – like IsaiahLamentations – He saw Jerusalem fall, and it made him cry.Ezekiel – Like Isaiah.Daniel – A bit of history, a bit of prophesy. This happened before Ezra and after Isaiah.Hosea – the following books were minor prophets, like Isaiah, but fewer words.JoelAmosObadiahJonah – in story formMicahNahumHabakkukZephaniah – I like this one.HaggaiZechariah – This is the one that is quoted from in the NT most often for its sizeMalachi – last prophet before John the BaptistThe New TestamentMatthew – Jesus – eye witnessMark – Jesus – friend of PeterLuke – Jesus – friend of PaulJohn – Jesus – eye witnessActs (of the Apostles) – history after Jesus to the arrest of Paul – written by LukeRomans – about salvation in the New covenant – all by Paul until Hebrews1 Corinthians – about how churchgoers should behave2 CorinthiansGalatians – like RomansEphesians – The next several books have various truths about the Christian walkPhilippiansColossians1 Thessalonians2 Thessalonians1 Timothy – close friend of Paul – what he should do as a leader of the church2 TimothyTitusPhilemonHebrews – author unknown, but spells out what Jesus did for the Jews and why they should believe it.James – this book is worth memorizing. Truths for living – by James1 Peter – advice by Peter on how to live a holy life2 Peter1 John – “that you may know that you have eternal life” – by John – first hand observer of Jesus’ life. He was actually at the cross when no other disciples were.2 John3 JohnJude – who knows who this guy is, but the book has a lot of stuff for one chapter. Do not sin.Revelation – The world to come – similar to Isaiah and the like.That was all off the top of my head. I find that a more useful summary is actually found IN the Biblical text. I’ve divided them into sections:Memorize / useful for living:Mt. 5, 6, 7 or Luke 6Romans 12 (2nd half)Isaiah 53, Psalm 221 Cor. 13, Psalm 23Psalm 1Psalm 19Pslam 62Pslam 103Psalm 1392 Peter 31 John 31 John 4 (2nd half)Daniel 9 (1st half)Exodus 20 / Deut. 5Lev. 19Col 3Summary Chapters:Ezekiel 20Ps. 78Ps. 105Ps. 106Nehemiah 9Joshua 24Deut 1-4Genealogies:Genesis 101 Chronicles 1Luke 3All of those brought to you from an admin at the Daily Dive Scripture and Discussion Facebook page. Like it to get a daily verse from chapters that will get you through the entire Bible in one year.

What’s a good way to memorize the books of the bible.

I go to youth group on Wednesdays, and church on Sunday. My pastier, James, said to everyone in youth group if we can memorize the books of the bible(old and new testament) we will win a prize. Our deadline is Christmas, but i wanted to start now. I’ve never done something like this, so i felt it would be a…

Found a bunch of links from a simple Google search; maybe one will help:… Good amharic books

Is it possible to memorize the entire bible.

Like the dude in the movie “The Book of Eli.”

It’s been said that the Poet John Milton (1608-74) memorized nearly all of it. Since he wrote Paradise Lost while totally blind, and therefore from memory it seems possible. In the distant past memory was learning. Most couldn’t read and write and memorizing epic poems was how they were preserved and distributed. The same was likely true with much of the Old and perhaps New Testament. This is what is meant by oral tradition- people memorizing and telling what they’ve memorized.

How can I memorize the books of the bible in order.

Does anyone know an easy way to remember all the books of the bible in order? I’ve been studying and reading them over and over again but when I go down to write it I blank…any one have some rhymes or songs to remember??

I think that if you break it up into categories it will help, that is what I did…Think of them this way…Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament-39 books)Christian Greek Scriptures(New Testament-27 books)Of the Hebrew Scriptures, Historic (1-17, {the first 5 are sometimes called the Law}; Poetic (18-22), and Prophetic (23-39). I even broke up the Prophets into the first 5, the long books and the last 12 into the short books)Historic(1-5) the LAW or Pentateuch and were written by Moses:1 Genesis2 Exodus3 Leviticus4 Numbers5 DeuteronomyHistoric:next the coming into the promised land, and the Judges appointed by God to help his people:6 Joshua7 Judges8 Ruthnext, come the Kings and their history9 1 Samuel10 2 Samuel11 1 Kings12 2 Kings13 1 Chronicles14 2 ChroniclesThe next three are all related in their times and stories15 Ezra16 Nehemiah17 EstherPoetic18 Job19 Psalms20 Proverbs21 Ecclesiastes22 Song of SolomonProphetic: (long)23 Isaish24 Jeremiah25 Lamentations26 Ezekiel27 Daniel28 Hosea (short)29 Joel30 Amos31 Obadiah32 Jonah33 Micah34 Nahum35 Habakkuk36 Zephaniah37 Haggai38 Zechariah39 MalachiNext comes the Greek Scriptures, or New Testament (27 books in all)The first 4 books are considered the Gospel1 Matthew2 Mark3 Luke4 Johnthen the5 Acts (of the Apostles)Next comes Pauls letters to the congregations 6-19…Romans through Hebrews:6 Romans7 1 Corinthians8 2 Corinthians9 Galatians10 Ephesians11 Philippians12 Colossiansthe 5 T’s…13 1 Thessalonians14 2 Thessalonians15 1 Timothy16 2 Timothy17 Titus18 Philemon19 Hebrewsnext …20 James (written by the brother of Jesus)21 1 Peter22 2 Peter ( 1 & 2 written by the Apostle Peter)23 1 John24 2 John25 3 John (1,2, & 3 written by the Apostle John)26 Jude (written by another brother of Jesus)and last, written by the Apostle John also…27 RevelationI think it also really helps to know something about each one of them, and where they fit into the scheme of the Bible’s theme. Who wrote them, where, what they teach us and such. The more you learn of the bible, the easier it is to memorize, it helps to put things in order. Anyway, I hope this helped a little!

What’s your favorite book in the Bible.

My favorite book of the bible is the the Book of Matthew.The Gospel of Matthew is the link between the Old and New Testaments. Matthew wrote to the Jews to prove that Christ is their promised Messiah and the eternal King of kings and Lord of lords. Matthew also shows how Jesus fulfilled prophecy and how He is the Person who will bring in God’s kingdom. Matthew records the Parables of the Kingdom and Peter’s confession of the deity of Christ. Jesus responds with the revelation of how He will build His church. (Matthew 16:13-20).Jesus’ basic ethical teaching of the life of a born-again believer begins with the Beatitudes, Blessed or happy are… (Matthew 5: 3-12). This is a basic description of the believers’ inner condition as a result of the work of God. It is Matthew’s version of the Beatitudes that we memorized in childhood.The Sermon on the Mount (the 5th, 6th, and 7th chapters of Matthew) is our modern day law book if you will. It deals with the inner state of mind and heart which no human being could live in his own power. The life of the believer, described by Jesus in is a life of grace and glory, which comes from God alone. When in doubt, I was always told to go by what Jesus said in bible (indicated by red letters) and that is the first place I go to.It is Matthew’s example of the Lord’s Prayer that we should use the most in our prayer life today. Jesus says don’t be like the “hypocrites”, do for the Lord in secret and He shall reward thee openly. Not to use vain repetitions, He says “Pray after this manner.. (Matthew 6:9–13). The Lord’s Prayer is indeed the model prayer!

How do I remember the names of the old testament books of the bible in order.

I would like a song or something or some easy pnuemonic device but i have a quiz on it coming up and i need help memorizing it. A song would actually be perfect.

I learned them as a chant, but I can’t upload it from here so maybe this will help you:…Good luck! It’s really a good thing to know. Beware, this video takes you through the New Testament too.

Memorizing Books Of the Bible By Category.

I want to memorize the books of the bible by category, but I have a question regarding the Old Testament prophets.Is Daniel considered a Major Prophet or a Minor Prophet? In his book, “How To Study the Bible For Yourself”, Tim LaHaye categorizes him as a Major Prophet, but recently when I did a…

Daniel’s book would probably be best included in the major prophets. There are only 12 chapters, but most are fairly long. Also, he recorded some of the most startling and yet clearest pictures of the future that anyone had seen up to that point: the rise of Ptolemy, Cleopatra, Antiochus Epiphanes, and many more.I would agree with Dr. LaHaye in this regard. He is well known for his high view of Scripture, having written many books on the topic. My hunch, and that’s all it is, is that the Google list probably looked at number of chapters versus length of them.

Do you know of any mnemonics that will help me memorize the books of the old and new testament.

Here are three web sites that teach how to memorize any thing related to the Bible. Click any one and may God provides your desire. By the way, I hope Yahoo does not delete this answer. They have been deleting my answer recently for no reason except for being honest in my answers. Any way, God bless you and blesses Yahoo as well.………

How can I easily memorize the Old Testament books in order.

I have to do memory work for school and I am having a little trouble memorizing the Old Testament books in order? Is there like any memory game or something that can help me? If you have a link post it here.

I learned them 5 at a time, and quizzed myself often, b4 I knew it I knew them all. It only took a couple of days. But You have to use it or you’ll lose it.

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