How To Store Books In A Small Space

how much would it cost to start a comic book/hobbie store.

as hobbies i mean wow,magic,vs,rpg games,minatures.

it depends on how big the store would be and how much merchandice you plan to carryLow end ~$60,000High end ~$200,000 or moreI have no special qualifications but it all depends, I thinkProbably 60,000 is the least you would need, that would cover probably a lease on a decent busniess space (in a somewhat smaller city e.g. doing it for 60k in NYC is probably not possible unless you have have really good connections) getting a busniess licence, some start up merchandice, and other random costs (youd probably need to pay a bit for stuff like fire inspection and/or zone permits depeding on the space you rent)

Where can I find a revolving book rack.

My sister has several dozen books jammed in her closet and on a small bookshelf so for Christmas I was hoping to get her one of those revolving racks you see in stores everywhere. They’re mostly standard paperback size so a regular store display model should do but everything I’ve found online is around……There you go: the first one is a little over 100$Here’s a book pannel…i think you attach it to a door or wall…and it’s around 50$…Here’s another revolving book rack that’s 125$…This one hangs over the door and is only 11$? I couldn’t find a cheaper one, I really looked…I hope I helped a little?~Clarkie Free urban books

I want to open a small shop/store in a small town..

I want to open a small shop/store in a small town, (about 8,000 inhabitants).The shop needs to be run WITHOUT STAFF. How could this be done and what could be sold? Obviously, there are overheads and financing costs.If you have any bright ideas that could help, I would lovel to hear them.Thank you vey…

Maybe a resale shop would work well. Have people donate their unwanted items that way there is no overhead on the merchandise.Another idea is to do like half price books and buy books at a very cheap price and resale them at a decent price, but not too high.Where are you located? Near a farming community? Maybe get into hand spinning and soap making or candle making and other hand crafts and sell them to the locals. You can make it like a craft/antique booth mall and people from the local community could rent a space and sell their wares. There is merchandise you don’t have to pay for right there and help with the rent. I know of a small town in W. Texas that does this and they do good and the town is only 600 people. They also have a candle making business and a soap making business in the same town.Rhonda

Suggestions on how to start a city library in a small town.

I live in a very small town in Oklahoma. We have a library, but it isn’t being utilitzed. It isn’t funded, there is no librarian, no new books coming in, no library programs, etc. Frankly, we have a library in name only.I live next door to the city hall/library and would like to change that. The…

Kansas library clerk here, town of 3000. All I can offer is the suggestion to travel to other rural libraries for suggestions. There are MANY funding sources for small rural libraries (LIBRI Foundation, for being one). Next, sometimes large libraries will donate their unwanted, used books to rural libraries. I am not sure if OK has this, but we have a ‘library network’. We get loaned books from our district, probably 100 different titles rotated every three months. One expense that is a draw for patrons, free internet. The policy, if they are card holders (or visitors in town), and in good standing (ours is $4 or less in fines). This, plus story times, get them in the door. Also, check into blending programs like Kindermusik in your space that people can sign up for, if their is the interest. One library, I think in Goddard KS, has Wii nights. Bowling competitions! Again, check other rural libraries for ideas, and if you can put in this commitment.

Is a bookstore in a small town a workable idea.

I’ve been thinking about the idea of opening a small, new retail bookstore in my small hometown. There are about 20,000 residents in the town and surrounding county. The only source of retail books is the Super Wal-Mart, which only carries a small selection as usual. We have a library, but not a huge…

You really need to find an independent book store in a similarly sized town and call that book store owner.They will have a lot of insight into start-up costs, how much inventory you need, etc.Please understand that independent book stores face a huge disadvantage to the big chains because of pricing.Amazon will not make a dime on the new Harry Potter. Their discount is so low they will lose money on each title. This is common. They plan on making their money on the hopes that the traffic will drive other purchases.Also, consider a newsstand type place. Some newstands in small towns that carry popular magazines, newspapers, and top selling books and some coffee do quite well in small towns near the town square, etc. It also has a very low start up cost.

How you stay organized in a small apartment.

I am a such a disorganized and messy person. I have been for years since 18. I am tired of being like this. It’s so annoying when I need to find a bill and don’t know where it is. I live in a small two bedroom apartment. I’ve got tons of items and don’t know where to store it. Does anybody know of…

OH I sooo feel your pain! Everyday I deal w/ tons of paper clutter. Everyday mail, kids school papers, bills, etc.. it’s hard to manage. Here are some tips. Have a “drop off” point for mail. OPEN everything and discard any junk mail immediately, I take that 1 step further and discard any outter envelopes as well. I have a wicker basket for magazines/catalouges I go through them weekly & giveaway or recycyle. For my kids school papers I have one red/blue accordian file I use to keep paperwork neat and at the ready.We store DVD’S, CD’S & computer disks in Case Logic binders- we have 1000 disks in 4 binders which store neatly on a bookcase.If you have lots of clothing for under $10 you can get an extra hanging clothes bar and have double the space. I use hanging shoe rack for my kids shoes which can get totally out of hand.Good Luck

how do i store alot in a little space.

i am a crafter and i also like writing books on nature, so thus my room is full of crafting supplies and books and clothing, i also recycle metal so that is in my room too. the rest of my house is full so i have to keep some of my brothers stuff in my room while they are in college and in the military. all my…

Head over to some of the local retail stores. Your looking for boxes (Cardboard) Look for a large box that multiple smaller ones will fit in. Basically your gonna make a filing cabinet out of the boxes. You’ll need to buy a couple of rolls of tape (Duct or heavy duty tape) Tape all seams and corners. You’ll be amazed what you can fit in it. if you want to make it pretty invest in some contact paper you like and apply it to the outside of the boxes.The other option is to pick up some wood Pallets you can take them apart and reassemble them into shelves. you just need a hammer and some patience. The stores usually don’t charge for pallets.

how to organize a small living space.

me & my husband live in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. it’s 820 square feet. the bathroom have very little storeage space. there is not much space under the sinks. what are some ideas for organizing? i’ve been throwing useless stuff out and getting rid of what i don’t need.

You might want to look at some of these sites for ideas on organizing small spaces:…Some samples:•Select furniture that doubles as storage space. For example, an ottoman that has storage underneath or a short bookcase as a night stand•Utilize the space under your bed for long, shallow plastic containers. These are great for storing out-of-season clothes, extra linens, wrapping paper, and more•Consider adding a bench that provides storage underneath.•Get rid of stuff•Use nesting tables. There’s nothing like a set of tables that fits and looks like one table but really is two or three separate pieces. Perfect for entertaining, nesting tables are a small space’s dream.•Don’t underestimate the capacity of your car trunk!. There you can store winter boots, older reference books, luggage and lots of other stuff you don’t need to have right at hand.Good luck.-

How does a book signing work….

Do you buy the book for it to get signed? orDo you wait in line to get a signed copy of the book, then pay near the author?When do i get the book? Im so confused.My plan was to reserve it online that day to get it at the book store where the book signing is gonna be at, and pay for it there, then wait…

You can either purchase the particular book in store or bring in your own copy OF THAT BOOK.You wait in line with everyone else. The author will sign it, but considering how much has to be accomplished in such a small time space, small talk if not desired. You present the book, they sign it and it’s done. Some try to personalize it, but not all.

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