How To Open Kindle Books On Pc

How do I transfer kindle PC ebooks to my KINDLE.

I’m trying to set up my nephew’s [7 y.o.] kindle; he doesn’t have wifi on it and we don’t have a password for any wifi. He does have internet at home through a PC.I heard that if you downloaded books onto your PC you can transfer the books onto the kindle. I havew downloaded a book just for…

What you need to do is download this free open source program called Calibre and then load the books on there. Then follow instructions on Calibre, modify the file name to Kindle. Then you connect the usb port, and transfer the books over.

How to transfer Kindle for PC to Calibre for nook.

I use calibre to transfer books to my nook. I know you can buy kindle books for your nook by using Calibre. But I cant seem to figure it out! And I need fairly simple step-by-step instructions for getting things from the “Kindle for PC” library, to my “Calibre” library. I think I know how to get…

Just buy the books through a source that is already in epub, PDF or another open format compatible with Nook. Why would you bother going through the extra steps buying it in a format you know you can’t use? I’m pretty sure you can’t use Calibre to convert Kindle books anyway as I believe they are DRM protected. Free kindle books prime

On a Kindle, how do I delete the entry created in “My Notes & Marks” by the “Save Page as Clipping” action.

I know how to create AND remove bookmarks, highlights, and notes. But I can’t seem to remove “Save Page as Clipping” entries from the “My Notes & Marks” screen. Deleting the “My Clippings” file via “Content Manager” doesn’t do it. Nor does deleting the book from the Kindle and re-downloading it from Amazon (these…

Plug your Kindle into your computer. Use Windows Explorer (if you have a PC – if you have a Mac, you’re on your own) to view the files on the Kindle. You’ll notice that each book has two files. One is the book itself and the other, smaller file contains your notes and bookmarks. If you delete this, *everything* associated with that book will be deleted. It will be as if you have never opened the book at all. Keep your Whispernet on so that this change will back up on Amazon and you won’t download them again next time you download the book. If you don’t want your annotations backed up on Amazon at all, you can disable the automatic back-up feature in your Settings menu.Hope that works for you!

How do I open .mobi files with Kindle basic from Amazon.

I have a laptop with Windows 8.1 and Kindle app pre-installed (I think it’s Kindle ‘basic’ from Amazon). Someone emailed me several ebooks in .mobi format and I have downloaded them to my computer. How do I open them with the Kindle app?

Physical Kindle eInk reader – use the USB/data cable between Kindle and PC. With Kindle ON, open the Kindle like a flash drive and copy the ebooks into the Documents folder of the Kindle. Turn off Kindle, turn on, and they should be available.Kindle App – in the menus of the Kindle app there is a setting that tells you where the app stores its books. Copy the mobi files there. Close app, reopen app and they should be there. If not there, try closing app, shutting down and powering off device (to make sure all apps fully close), then turn device back on.

After i have all my ebooks transfered to my kindle (on my computer) how do i then get them on my kindle.

On your PC, it’s likely your Kindle books are in My Documents\My Kindle ContentPlug in your Kindle with the USB cable to your computer. Go to My computer and find your Kindle. Click on it and you see a folder called DocumentsNow that you’ve got two windows open, namely My Kindle Content and Documents, simply drag and drop the files from My Kindle Content onto the Documents folder.Alternatively, you can simply log into your account on, choose Manage My Kindle, and then find a list of your orders. Then simply re-send them straight to your Kindle device.

How do you move your Ebook to your Amazon account for Kindle.

How do you move an Ebook that you downloaded from somewhere else onto your Amazon account for the Kindle?

You can’t add it to your account. Kindle cloud storage at Amazon is for Amazon-puchased Kindle content.You can add it to your Kindle by sideloading it if it is a Kindle-compatible non-DRM format like mobi, html, pdf, or txt.(You cannot move epub files nor any DRM-protected books (such as a book your bought for Nook or a book someone else bought on their Amazon account). The only DRM-protected books that can be used on your Kindle are ones that were purchased in your Amazon account or gifted to your Amazon account. Non-DRM free books that are in an incompatible format, like unprotected epubs, may be converted to a Kindle-compatible format with the free program Calibre)Connect your Kindle to your PC with the USB cable. On the PC, open the Kindle like you would open a memory card (go to My Computer & open the Kindle device). Copy the book to the Kindle’s Documents folder.Alternately, you may be able to use the SendToKindle app – this is probably betetr if you have a Kindle fire with Kindle reading app. warning – hopefully the book you have is legally downloaded – either purchased or legally free like old classics (Tale of Two Cities etc). If you put cracked stolen commercial books on your Kindle then Amazon can ban you (or whoever’s account your Kindle is registered to) from Amazon.

How can I download a book onto my kindle from my computer.

I got a kindle for Christmas. A book I want is on Smashwords and I downloaded it to my computer.How can I put it on my Kindle? Is it alot of work to do that?

You should have a USB lead that plugs into Pc and Kindle.Then goto Start menu, Computer, Open the kindle folder..And paste the book in a storage folder, SD Card perhaps?That should enable you to view it on the Kindle.Other methods exist like.. Dropbox. (Upload to Net from Pc, Then download onto phone)And Bluetooth.Hope it helps 🙂

How do you delete on a kindle.

“To delete content on Kindle 11) Connect the USB cable that came with your Kindle to a PC.2) When prompted, select “Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer.” You should now see3) folders named: “Audible, music and documents.”4) Open the “documents” folder.5) From the “View” menu in explorer, select “Details.” so that you can see all file details — in columns.6) Click on the top of the “Name” column to sort all of your documents by name.7) You should see two files for each book you have on your Kindle. The extensions for these files are “.AZW” and “.MBP” The AZW file will be the largest of the two.8) For each title you wish to remove, select both related files and delete them. Don’t forget you can hold down the “Ctrl” key to select multiple items in the list…9) Disconnect the USB cable from your Kindle.10) Turn the Kindle off, then back on. The deleted titles should now be missing from your Kindle home page.It is much easier to delete the content on Kindle 2.Scroll to the shaded line below the book you want to delete. Push the mouse button to the right and a menu will pop up – “Remove from Device” is the last option. Scroll to that choice, select and Voila!”

How to transfer books from kindle pc app to kindle iphone app.

I just added two books to my kindle pc app and theyre not appearing on my iphone app.. how do i transfer them?

I am assuming these are Amazon purchases, as things like torrent downloads don’t sync…you would have to manually load into each device.Open Kindle app on iPhone, and make sure you are in “cloud” screen (not device). Touch and hold screen while dragging down, then release. This will sync all Amazon purchases (Kindle) to that device. Sometimes it takes a few minutes after purchasing a book before it is available on all devices. You will have to have Internet access to sync Kindle app.

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