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How Does This Sound.

I’m currently working on a novel. Here is an excetpt I puled from it, and I was wondering what the public would think It isn’t edited yet (Sorry, lol) because if anyone had any tips, I wanted to be able to incorporate it into my writing =)I want to keep it as far from Tilight as possible. So if there are any…

Alright, I read the whole thing and I think that it’s got some potential :]I just have a few comments and maybe some suggestions for a few changes that you might take into consideration. I know you said it’s unedited, but maybe what I found hasn’t caught your eye yet. All my suggestions are in chronological order with the story as it goes on. And for the record, no, I didn’t see anything similar to Twilight, so you don’t have to worry on that front.+Your first two sentences read, “I closed my eyes, leaning backwards and pressing my back against the sofa. I closed my eyes to the bright ceiling lights, trying to concentrate on words that were streaming in and out of my mind.” You can try and put together the sentences or you can take out “I closed my eyes” in one of the sentences; it’s a little redundant.+Your female lead says that she’s “brainwashed.” I don’t think the connotations of “brainwashed” are exactly what you were looking for. Try something like “mentally exhausted” or “blocked.”+ In your third paragraph, I’d mention that Brooke’s eyes open. It’s a small, trite thing, but it helps the readers to visualize better exactly what’s happening.+ “Mark’s low voice brushed through my ears.” That sentence seems a bit awkward. Maybe something like “Mark’s low voice rang in the otherwise silent apartment” or “Mark’s low voice caressed my eardrums.”+ “…but froze when I felt soft lips brush up my neck.” Personally, I’d take out the word “up,” but this isn’t a very large detail.+ Also, when Mark whispers her name, you should start that as a new paragraph. Then start another paragraph and go on. Ex: “…up my neck.” Paragraph. “Brooke…” Paragraph. “My tense neck…” On the subject of “tense neck,” you could probably try saying “the tension in my neck disappeared/eased/etc.”+”But I felt my gaze soften…” that line is a little bit awkward, too. You could omit “I felt” and have “but my gaze softened” to work a little bit better there.+”…moving his hand away towards…” I’d put a comma between “away” and “towards.”+ Start another paragraph when Mark says, “There…”+ I like your last two sentences, but I would arrange them as such: “As I lay on my bed that night, I listened to Mark’s recording over and over again. Because I couldn’t stop listening.” Or, “I hated him. But as I lay on my bed that night, I listened to Mark’s recording, over and over again. I couldn’t stop listening.”As an added commentary, I’d say to remember to start new paragraphs when a character is talking. Also, if you character does something after he/she speaks, use commas at the end of what they’ve said. Example: “Really? I didn’t know that,” she said.Also, try to get the hang of the correct usage of “then” and “than.” Mark should say, “I’m not interested in women who are a good five years younger *than* me.”Alright, I hope this helped you. It’s not my intention to be discouraging. Like I said, I think this has potential. It’s just a matter of remembering the general rules of English. Good luck with it.

How to convert more than one audibook onto my iPod..

A while ago i bought an audiobook for my iPod. I put it on my iPod fine (using iTunes 8). I imported it like a cd, switched the media kind to audiobook so it went to the audibook menu bit. Fine. However, there was a slight niggle there. Where it shouldve had a secondary menu ie, Audibook>Harry Potter 1>All…

I’ve heard that this doesn’t happen with digital audiobooks purchased from iTunes or Audible, but I’ve never bought any so I’m not even certain about that. Anyway, I have copied audiobook CDs from my public library and unfortunately, they can be quite a pain in terms of file management. Because I would never be listening to more than one at any given time, I just deleted previous ones so that then they don’t get quite so jumbled. Since they can be such large files, it’s just as well to delete them from the device when you’re done anyway. If for whatever reason that’s not an option, all you can really do is rename them so that they automatically go in the correct order. You’ll have to do it in iTunes and on the files, though. You can arrange them any way you like in playlists but they’ll probably fall under Music then, instead of Audiobooks. Free coloring books by mail

How long should someone wait on their significant other to get a job and become more financially responsible.

I am dating this guy that does not have a job and is very financially irresponsible. He has three boys that his ex-wife has custody over, but he still gets them every other weekend. He is currently not working and he still lives with his parents. We have talked about possibly having a future together but yet he…

With paying for child support for three boys, it’s no surprise to me that he’s moved back in with his parents. Sometimes these things happen to people. Also, with the economy in trouble, it really is difficult for the unemployed to find a new job. With both of those factors tied together, it’s difficult to look financially competent.I think that the world is full of people who have lost sight of their potential. During childhood, we all have a lot of desire for all kinds of things in life. As we grow up, someone, usually our parents, tell us that ‘it’s not about you! It’s about us and everybody else!’ Then our fires get put out and we trudge through life not knowing what we really want anymore. Everyone has discipline. Discipline is not something that we earn, or are taught. Discipline is a tool that we use when we know what we really want. Often, when we know what we really want, discipline does not appear painful to the individual. Sometimes, it can be really hard to help others find themselves, because we can’t tell them – it always comes from inside.I recommend the book “100 ways to motivate others” (you can find an audiobook version from for your ipod or other mp3 player), and also “The Hands-Off Manager”, also in audio book form. He can’t be taught discipline, he has to envision what he really wants out of life in order to take it back! In that first book, it is explained why we can’t motivate others, motivation is instilled in others – it comes from within them.As for your relationship with him, I would recommend “Falling in Love for all the Right Reasons,” from the creator of the EHarmony program. That book might help you to determine if you should back off for a while so that he can clean up any emotional mess he might be in.

How to read spl graph.

You know those charts that have (I think it is decibels on the left) and frequency on the bottom? What does the shape of the graph mean? How can I tell if my room setup is well?

What you are looking at is the loudness of the individual frequencies across the entire audible spectrum with the same amount of power applied. For any piece of equipment that is trying to reproduce lifelike sound, you want as flat a graph or response curve as possible. A razor flat graph means that the equipment, the room, and everything else that can affect the source material is transparent. However, this is nearly impossible to obtain because there is always distortion in everything. Speakers generally have more dynamic curves while solid state amplifiers can be made to almost produce no distortion at all. However, distortion is attractive to many people or else tube equipment would not be on the market (generally, tubes add odd order harmonic distortion and won’t clip hard if overloaded). Companies like Bose have very parabolic response curves with the high and low ends being much lower in loudness than the midrange section.What most people look for is as flat a response curve as possible. In any room it is possible to find many sweet spots with almost flat curves but rooms also have modes associated with them due to the reflectivity of walls. So, if there are only bare walls, you will find certain spots equidistant apart that have a very loud peak at a certain frequency and then smaller peaks at higher octaves that are multiples of that fundamental frequency. This happens mostly with low frequency sounds because the wavelengths are larger and there is much more power contained in them. Yahoo Answers is much too little space to really describe how to tune a room or how to better fix acoustics.From my personal experience and having a library of audio books that easily beats all but a handful of universities, I would suggest read Stanley Alten’s Audio in Media. It gives a broad overview of the base science of audio, room acoustics, practical sound, audio electronics, and pretty much everything to answer the general questions you might have. It is great for a beginning sound person, and I think it does more for the average person than any other book I have read. After that, you can start delving into Harry Olson or Leo Baranek, but I would look into a cheap used copy of that before anything else.

Are iPod classics 6th or 7th generation able to have audiobooks on them.

I want to buy an iPod classic 160gb, but I want to know if I can put audiobooks on them.

If you’re talking about books from, the answer is yes. It’s listed as a supported device at you’re talking about basic mp3 format audiobooks, again the answer is yes. You may have to be careful how the tracks are named or put them in a playlist to be sure they play in order, though.For audiobooks from libraries, you’ll probably need to ask a librarian since it depends upon their system and software.

Kindle for Mac purchase help..

I ordered a Kindle eBook from Amazon with a free audiobook download. I can see the book on Kindle for Mac but how do I retrieve the audiobook download?

Hopefully you’ll find your answer here:…It sounds as if the audiobook would be downloadable from or something similar – go back to the Amazon page where you bought the package and/or contact Amazon customer support.I think it’s a great idea to get an ebook along with the audio reading, because I always start to snooze while listening and catching up by reading would be better.

Recommendation for Inspirational Christian Books.

I just need to find some good testimonial books that are inspiring and really interesting to read. I’m open to anything. I just have been rocky in my faith and I want to get back on track on my journey to God. I like to read testimonies on how they found god, or bible stories or just books that give knowledge…

Muscle and a Shovel by Michael Shank is a very good book.It is his personal story of how he went from a cussing, drinking, not very religious person to becoming a New Testament Christian.It will challenge your thinking on many doctrinal and moral issues. You will either love the book and have a hard time putting it down, or it will make you mad and you will want to burn it, but the things it teaches are backed up with book – chapter – verse scripture references so you can go to the Bible to see if it is true.The book is available at, as well as the Books-a-Million and Barns and Noble web sites; or you can order it directly from is also available on Audible and Kindle if you prefer those formats.

How would you describe a person in shock to a writer.

I’m working on a scene in my book and I’m not sure how to describe it.How does their skin look and feel?Verbal functions?Facial expressions?Any other information would be helpful. Thanks. 🙂

To me, shock is when their body doesn’t know how to react, it sorta just…shuts down. Their face goes slack, mouth slightly open, body unmoving, and color draining from their face as they stare wide-eyed at something no one else can see. They just freeze up to a point where you can hardly see them breathing, but when shock begins to melt away, everything returns slowly.They might let out a sudden sigh, open their mouth to speak. Snap it shut. Gulp. Then with a little more success they say something, but it comes out raspy, barely audible. They might have to walk it off a little bit, or depending on how shocked they truly are, someone might have to escort them to a chair. Feeling light-headed and possibly disoriented, while their mind begins buzzing with whatever shocked them. They might wipe their brow, trying to block the memory out in order to cool off.If they’re shocked with good news, their physical reaction would probably be the same, but instead of showing fear afterward, it might be overwhelming happiness where they need to sit down, laugh a whole lot at how ridiculous they’re being. Might even shed some joyous tears.

Ideas on getting my book reviewed .

Okay, so I have written a book and published it ( self published ) through a self publising company. It is now for sale on line and at the publisher’s web site. I have a limited marketing budget and would like to get some national exposer for it, but getting an influential person to do a public book review…

Hire Literary review magazines to review your story. Authors hire them all the time and then pick and choose the nicer remarks to add to the back blurb of the book. Every company has different stipulations in order for them to review your book. If you’re looking for national exposure then try places like USA Today and Chicago Tribune and the like.You also need to find virtual (online), communities like “Goodreads” or book review blogs or book journals and other print platforms to receive testimonials from readers. The more reviews you receive, the more likely it will draw in publicity from more accredited media platforms. You could also look into audio book readings and offer for a limited time, a free reading of your book via audible and other sites for basic promotion.Again, you’ll have to look into the specific requirements for each website/company.P.S. Don’t listen to that other commentator. Paying for reviews isn’t in any way immoral or unprofessional. It is standard procedure. Where do you think 90% of the book reviews on the back of NYTimes bestsellers came from? The kindness of that reviewer’s heart? Heck no. They were paid. Paying for reviews doesn’t guarantee praise anyway, you’re paying a reading fee. Legitimate book reviewers even have authors sign waivers acknowledging [email protected]: Frowned upon by the industry? What industry are you referring to because the U.S. publishing industry certainly isn’t it…sorry to contradict your Twitter friends. Here’s some facts you might want to consider:1) Traditionally published authors pay reviewers for a thorough reading and analysis of their story (which includes the good/bad aspects of the story). The publisher/author then paraphrases/quotes from that review and strings all the praise together with ellipses, (which then makes it on the back cover blurb).Those reviews were paid for. And it was legitimate. If you were truly a part of the professional publishing industry, you’d know this.2) Book reviewers are not impartial to self published authors. This has actually been a major concern in the industry, the discrimination against self-published authors (though this is gradually improving).3) Traditional and self-published authors also review each other’s books without any compensation whatsoever. This is also considered a legitimate form of review despite the conflict of interest. It’s why authors join writing communities in the first place, to take advantage of this service from each other. The Romance Writers of America or the Science fiction and fantasy writers of america.. or countless other accredited networks like this are examples.So, feel free to thumbs me down all you wish. Facts are facts.

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