How To Download Audible Books To Pc

How do I stop iTunes from corrupting MP3 files that play perfectly in Windows Media Player. .

I’ve also asked this question on the Apple discussion forum but have yet to get a response.Version: iTunes replicate on two machines: my Sony Vaio running Windows Vista and a work PC running Windows XPI’ve imported many MP3 files of late that play perfectly well in Windows Media...

I think the problem is with the new iTunes program – I am also having trouble with it. Also, I am not certain iTunes can play mp3 – thought it only played mp4. Do you have to use the iTunes? A number of mp3 players say to use iTunes for downloading to them but I usually use the drag-n-drop or sync thru wma – actually, I use other programs as I usually put audible books on my player. Do you have a ‘cleaning lab’ program? Maybe putting it thru that would help. Or Roxio 10 has a program where you can change the .wma to .mp3 and I think also to .mp4 You might want to check those out. Maybe that could help.Good Luck.

What is the best audiobook player for the elderly.

My grandmother loves her audio books, but she has recently run into a problem.My cousin convinced her to go out and buy and ipad and a mac to go with it. I said that’s not a good idea because she’s so use to PC, but my cousin was relentless. Our grandmother is so use to using CD’s she can’t grasp…

My dad is 80 and uses a Kindle Fire. The fact that it’s mostly integrated with Amazon really helps, since it automatically downloads everything for him. Because she’s losing her sight, the larger screen version of the Kindle (I think it’s 9″) might be a better choice.However, there may still be hope for the iPad. There are a number of Youtube tutorials that might help her learn how to use it. Also, if she’s an AARP member then they have resources that she can take advantage of. She may also be able to sign up for an adult ed class to learn to use the Mac and iPad – sometimes you can do this through a community college, school system or even a library system . Audible has an iOS app that doesn’t require iTunes – you install the app and use that to download the audiobooks. It’s pretty easy. It sounds like she just needs someone to show her how to use what she already has. Business books free

why doesn’t some of my features on yahoo messenger 9 work with some of my contacts.

well i just wanted to know how comes not all of the features like IMVironment and audibles etc it works with my yahoo contacts but it doesn’t work wit all of my windows live contacts except from 1!!please help

Cuz 9.0 has problems being worked out still.Do this,,,,Click on Start Button/ Settings/ Control Panel/ Add or Remove Programs.DUMP anything that says Yahoo Messenger (toolbar, address book etc etc etc) they will be listed at the bottom of that window if there are any), and go to this website,,,,,…and type in Yahoo Messenger (at the bottom of the page in the Google search window, put a dot where it says, hit Search (MY suggestion download 7.0) click on the first link under the Web results (it will take you to the Older Version site, scroll down and you can see where you can pick which one YOU want).7.0 I HAVE NEVER HAD PROBLEMS WITH). The same features are there as previous versions and the current one, video cam, file transfer, conferencing, PC to PC calls, etc etc etc.BE SAFECheriPS. Stay away from the 9.0 version it still has bugs being worked out, and like I suggested, the 7.0 is the most stable. And no you will NOT lose any Contacts from a previous version you ran, they are all saved on Yahoos Sever and will transfer to whatever version you install.

Tablet pcvs Ipad decision please.

WHich do you suggest as a ereader.with a tablet oc, can you download eletronic books, and use it as ereader. And how would you compare it to IPAD as e-reader. I was thinking tablet pc because you could use it as e-reader and regular pc??

Of the two, for E-books and simpler communication, the iPad perhaps. Apple has their own e-Book store, plus there is a Kindle app. Audible is another option, but for Audiobooks.A tablet PC, on the other hand, is a full PC not tied to anybody’s content or app stores.

Kindle & other readers, can u download articles from journals to email or print to share with colleagues.

with the electronic readers I see subscriptions to professional and scholarly journals are available, I am wondering if they function like an online subscription, where full text can be saved, or cut and paste in for quoting in position papers or handouts at panel discussions? Or are the professional journal…

I’m not sure how long a piece you want to cut and paste, but there is a highlight function. After you highlight something it is stored on your kindle and via the website. I know there’s somehow to download a file with all your highlights then from the manage your kindle page, but I’m not sure what it is, sorry. But once you figure that out I assume you could easily copy and paste for a hand out, etc.

I want to burn a downloaded Audio book to CD.

Hi,I purchased an audio book (Fellowship of the Ring), stored as fileformat (.aa) and downloaded it, and want to burn it to CD now, so that I can rip it to MP3 format so that it will play on my mobile devices.I know I can do this with itunes, but it says that the audio book file (total size is 314MB)…

Yes it will cause the audio to abruptly stop when you need to change to the next disc. This obviously could be in mid sentence or mid word. When you are ripping them back to PC you will have to use an MP3 Joiner (lots of free ones available), it’s a simple and quick task.What I would do is : Edit the files in to 80 min sections now using something like MP3 Cutter (free), ending each disk at an appropriator place rather than mid word. Then burn the prepared sections. It may seem like a lot of effort but it will be worth it in the long run.

What is the best device to use for downloading audio books from pc to device.

I want to download audio books off the net and onto something I can isten to them. What is the best device to get for this..It means I need alot of g so I can save them..Any one know?

Most better MP3 players support at lest Audible. You use an Audible app to download ans sync them to your player.

How can I read my kindle books on the audible app.

It’s through kindle, so I would think you can, but I can not figure it out! I just saw though, that I can not send my audible book to my computer. Am I to assume I can not read books I purchase in audible and cannot listen to books I have purchased already? If so that sucks! I am highly disappointed… Does…

I think you’re confused about what Audible is. sells audio books. These are recordings of books read or performed by various readers and performers. They are owned by Amazon. You purchase and download audio books from Audible, which can be played on mp3 players, iPods, or your computer. They are audio files, like music. The audible app is for downloading and listening to audio books purchased from To read Kindle books, install the Kindle app. If you have a Windows PC, download it from…To download and listen to Audible books, download their software from (depending upon your OS). It can be configured to load the audio files directly into iTunes or Windows Media Player.Kindle books and Audible books are two completely different things.Edit – actual Kindles have a feature that allows them to read books to you. However, the voice is robotic and speaks in a monotone and frankly isn’t very good – professionally read audiobooks are far better. I don’t think this feature is available on other hardware, though.

Can an Audio Book be downloaded to Kindle PC if Kindle doesn’t support audio..

The Paperwhite version of Kindle readers doesn’t support audio.

No, but it can be downloaded to the computer and played in a variety of applications. Exactly how it plays depends upon the source. Books from can be played on their Audible app on iOS and Android devices, and I believe they have an app for computers as well. Their books can also be played in Windows Media Player and iTunes. Other vendors of audiobooks have their own players, and most can be played in WMP and iTunes.

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