How To Books In Spanish

How to learn Spanish with a book in Spanish.

I checked out Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal, and I was wondering the best way to use it to help with my Spanish. The librarian said that some people read the Spanish version and English version (which I do have a copy of) side by side. I see how that might work, but sentences in English are sometimes backwards…

you need a spanish to english dictionary. and to take a spanish class. you should probly learn some elementary vocab before you try to tackle a book in spanish.

Publishing a book in other languages. Free urban books app

Besides “personaje”, how to say “book character” in Spanish.

I’m using “personaje” way too much in my Spanish essay. How else can you refer to them?

Well, there aren’t many options. If you refer to the main character, you can also use “protagonista” (protagonist) or “antagonista” (antagonist) if he/she is the adversary of the main character.You could also use “héroe/heroína” (hero/heroine), if it’s an appropriate description of the character.

How to say “Spanish Book” in Spanish.

How do I say “to check out books” in spanish.

Excel book in Spanish.

How can I find an microsoft excel book in spanish that will teach me how to use it? I tried amazon and all I can find is how to excel in English…..

Hola Maria! =]I have a tutorial in Spanish. =] Sera un placer compartirlo con usted.

How to quote a book in English on a Spanish essay.

I am writing a Spanish essay based on a book that’s in English. Do I put the quote in English and then give a summarized translation? Do I just quote the translated version of the quote?Help! an example would be helpful.

how read in spanish books.

i don’t know much spanish words

For my Spanish class, I had to translate part of a Spanish book and it was pretty difficult. I would suggest starting off with an easy book and then look up any words you don’t understand. Get the definition of the words and memorize them for future reference. It totally helps. And if you’re already taking Spanish as a foreign language in school, that can also expand your vocabulary.

How to read a book in Spanish naturally.

I m an intermediate Spanish student. I m relatively comfortable speaking and listening and I can understand most things fairly decently when reading. However, when I read a book in English, I m sort of see a little “movie” in my mind s eye to help me process what I m reading. I m a very visual person so…

There’s no other way around it but practice and exposure. You use English effortlessly, and that’s why you have “extra” processes to use in your brain like playing a movie in your mind. Since Spanish isn’t as natural to you, your brain is busy doing other things.Translation is actually a pretty bad habit when learning a language. I’d say it’s the number one obstacle when learning a language. It’s good to make use of it when learning a new word, especially if it’s an abstract term, but for the most part it slows you down. The sooner you can just go from “sentence > meaning,” rather than “word > translation > next word > translation,” the more fluent you’ll become, and therefore the more natural it’ll be for you to think in Spanish.Some people accomplish this more easily and efficiently than others, but the key is to try to “think” in the language you’re learning without resorting to translation.Think about this: when you were learning English as a baby, your brain was blank when it comes to what words sound like and what they mean, you started associating everything you heard with what you saw (that’s why abstract terms are still hard for children to grasp). After your brain wired itself to understand and use English, when you try to learn a new language it automatically tries to translate everything into the one you’re used to. So, if possible, try to relate new vocabulary to images and/or experiences like when you were learning English. It may seem quite hard at first, but it’s quite achievable. I can tell you from experience thatn after learning another language fluently and grasping this concept, it becomes much easier to learn more languages (of course motivation is essential as well), so don’t give up!

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