Books To Learn How To Draw

what are some good books to learn how to draw manga/anime. any suggestions…

hey guys ,i would like some suggestions from you guys on what are some good books that i could learn how to draw anime/manga ! i am getting interested in drawing . .any websites or anything that would HELPTHANKS !!

Drawing manga for the beginner by christopher hart isnt bad. Look for it online though, it’s not worth the 20$. I purchased 2 how to draw manga books when I first started drawing, and honestly, they didn’t help me much at all. But to be fair, they are both by christopher hart and I did pick up one or two ideas from it. However, in my honest opinion youre better off looking up tutorials on because there’s so many more, they are free and much better. Drawing from real life and copying scenes from anime will improve your drawing abilities much more than “How to draw anime” books.While I understand if you still may want to buy them, i bought them solely because i liked having a big collective guide rather than one or two pages here and another 2 pages there. But It’ll save you 20$ especially since the artists who draw the How to draw manga books aren’t very good. They are versatile, but their way of drawing anime is very classic. Although, that doesn’t really make the guides bad. you should go to the bookstore to flip through them and then come home and buy them online if you like them. That’s what i would do in retrospect.

Would u recommend me a book to learn how to draw manga.

I’ve been checking in Amazon and there is a huge selection. I don’t really know which one shall i buy. Help please!

I don’t want to sound like a bad guy, but those books aren’t going to help you much. Sure you’ll be able to copy the drawings in the book or even anime pictures you see on the web. But ultimately you’re not going to learn ho to come up with your own anime pictures or characters or animation without learning the basics of how to draw first.If you really want to learn how to draw or draw anime/manga then you must first learn the foundations of drawing. Such as, drawing from life, figure drawing, shading & detailing, and human or animal anatomy.But assuming you already know the drawing basics and just need references on how to draw anime I would recommend some of the following: once again I emphasis that you must know the basics of how to draw or at least anatomy of the human figure.Hope this helps Network marketing books free

Is it possible to learn how to draw.

I’m a huge comic book fan.I read from Superman, to Naruto, to Akira.I really want to make my own comic with a wacom pad and Manga studio.So is there anyway to learn how to draw?I draw really bad.Probably a little bit below average.So will i be able to learn?Thanks in advance.

Yes. Practice makes perfect. There is a lot of ways to practice, but you’ll learn that. Just start drawing all the time, anything you can set your eyes on.Life drawing is a great way to learn. Draw family and friends and go to public places (cafes, bookstores) and draw the patrons (its perfectly legal by the way, as long as you don’t sell the drawings without permission) Draw some faces and bodies from photo reference as well so you can take time and absorb the information.Copying is essentially the same thing (when your hand goes through the motion it is training in hand-eye coordination), but when copying you have to remember the work is NOT yours, so you can’t even post it online without making it clear it was copied. Using reference is a different situation, where you develop your own work with visual help from another picture. Though, use actual photos and videos as reference, not other cartoons.Just. keep. drawing.If you do something enough you get really good at it. Also, pick up some art books from your library or bookstore. They’re amazingly helpful.

What’s a good book to learn how to draw for engineers.

I’m currently in my second year of mechanical engineering design at university and want to get a good book that’ll help me draw as an engineer should. If you know of any, that would be great. Thanks.

First of you should understand the difference between creating models, i.e. CAD. And producing proper engineering drawings.I believe all engineers should have some manual drawing experience, as it does help to understnd the basic principals.But to learn how to create models you must pick a CAD package and learn how to use it.Being good at CAD does NOT mean you can produce good engineering drawings. You must know all the relavant symbols, standards and annotations required. You must know how to properly apply tolerances, both dimensional and geometric (GD&T) as well as understanding what “limits and fits” are!!You must also understand howto indicate materials to be used, any specific machining methods required, any particular surface finishes or coatngs. All this needs to be expressed in a picture.This is a very good resource to help you with learning about engineering drawings…Read it!!!!EDIT:As people have stated, sitting down at a drawing board with a pencil, T-square and compass, is no longer practiced in industry.But engineers must still be able to fit whatever they create using a CAD software package, onto a sheet of paper that can be printed, emailed, faxed, and most importantly, UNDERSTOOD!!!

Books to learn how to draw.

What books would you recommend to help me learn how to draw? Could you please send me the links to some websites and the names of books?

Betty Edwards’ “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” is a great way to learn how. Any “How to Draw…” series of books by Christopher Hart is great for learning cartoons, manga, fantasy and sci-fi characters. Also the Walter Foster drawing series and Jack Hamm’s “How to Draw Animals”. Available at amazon, art stores and most bookstores.

Where is a good art website to learn how to draw better.

I want a website that can teach me how to draw more realistically better. 10 points for the person who can get the best site 🙂

You can learn better from a book. Draw the pictures and study the information in the following books. You will learn how to draw anything and learn the fundamentals of drawing. Buy books at Amazon website.1. You Can Draw In 30 Days by Mark Kistler2. Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad3. Drawing For Dummies by Brenda Hoddinott4. Lifelike Drawing With Lee Hammond5. Exploring The Basics Of Drawing by Victoria VebellLEARN LIGHT AND SHADE:In order to draw/paint something realistic you must understand how the subject is lighted:1. Side Lighting2. Three Quarter/Conventional Lighting3. Frontal/Front Lighting4. Top/Overhead Lighting5. Back/Rear/Rim Lighting6. Diffused Lighting7. Stage Lighting.As you observe how the light falls on the object, your next step is to draw/paint it. The 7 lighting arrangements mentioned above are shaded in 7 different ways on an object using 5 values. In order to make something look realistic, you must use a variety of values from light to dark. Read the book Light, Shade, & Shadow by E.L. Koller for a thorough explanation of light and shade.Learn to draw/paint the 5 values on an object.The book, Cast Drawing Using The Sight-Size Approach by Darren R. Rousar uses these 5 terms for the values:1. Shadow2. Halftone3. Light4. Highlight5. Reflected Light.The book, Lifelike Drawing With Lee Hammond uses these 5 terms for the values:1. Cast Shadow2. Shadow Edge3. Halftone4. Reflected Light5. Full LightLEARN PERSPECTIVE:In order to draw/paint something realistic, you must learn perspective, which is the illusion of depth and dimension on a flat surface. Things look different when viewed from various positions, which is called one point perspective, two point perspective, three point perspective, or foreshortening. If you learn to draw/paint things as it really appears to the eye when looking at it, then your object will be in correct perspective. Read the book, Perspective by William F. Powell.

what are the best websites and books to learn to draw manga.

Im learning how to draw manga (i prefer manga to anime) but dont know many websites or which books would be bestThanksx

the comickers series of books are realy good.they dont exactly tell you how to draw,but they give you tips on perfecting what you have.the artwork in them is great and you can take inspiration from them.i bought a book yesterday called ‘manga school with selena lin’ and it has helpful advice on creating characters.i bought some books about drawing manga from a bookstore a few years ago,in places like borders,in the art section they have alot of books teaching you different things.’the monster book of manga’ is birlliant for beginners.i found that by following step-by-step guides,i was always unsatisfied that my finished piece never looked like what it did in the book,and it took me a long time to find my own style.the best learing tool for drawing manga,is that some manga,and just study how the artist has drawn their characters or scenery,and maybe develop their ideas into your has hundereds of great tutorials on how to draw eyes,feet,hands,facial expressions,and then tips on colouring,screen toning and putting your own manga together.and theyre all by really talented people.… – is also quite good.good luck & have fun!

Good books/sites to learn how to draw.

I’ve really wanted to learn how to draw. I’m not the greatest but I know I can learn. I heard that “Drawing on the right side of the brain” is a good book to get. Any others you would recommend?

I would suggest you do a drawing using the grid method. Select a favorite photo or image.1. Draw a 1”x1” grid over the image. (Let’s assume the reference image is 4″x5″.)2. On a second sheet of paper that is twice the size of your image, draw a 2”x2” grid. (If the reference image is 4″x5″ than the blank piece of paper would have to be at leas 8″x10″.)3. Starting with the upper left square copy the lines and the light and dark areas from the source photo to the blank paper. It’ll magically come together and you’ll gain a very good basic understanding of line and value.See these links for a better description of the Grid Method:… (This is a 1:1 method – very straightforward video.)… (Video)…After you’ve graduated from the grid method, you can try some of the tutorials at these links1. Drawspace (from the author of “Drawing for Dummies” online book (You may want to buy the book.)http://www.drawspace.com2. About.comhttp://drawsketch.about.com3. Art Instruction Bloghttp://www.artinstructionblog.com American Artist Magazine below for more links.)If you want to find something specific, type into the search engine, “How to ________ step-by-step” without the quotes. For instance,How to draw the illusion of a glass bottle step-by-stepHow to draw noses step-by-stepBy the way, your local library will have several “how to draw” books. Ask your librarian to help you find what you need including “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”.Have fun.A&D. U.S.

How to learn how to draw.

I wanna learn how to draw really badly, but I have to learn myself… Any help?

Depends on what you’re trying to draw. If you have a specific thing in mind that you’re trying to draw, websites like have step by step instructions on drawing practically anything you could possibly think of. If you’re trying to draw from a picture, a technique that I use that helps keep everything in proportion is to make a grid. Print out the photograph or whatever it is you’re drawing (if it’s a picture in a book make a photocopy so you can write on it) and, using a ruler, mark off every inch (or half inch, or 2 inches, depending on the size of the picture). Connect the marks so you have gridlines. Now count how many boxes across and down you have, and make a matching grid on your paper. Now, focus on each box at a time and draw everything in that box. When you’re finished it should look like the picture! You can also use this system to change the size of a picture but keeping it in proportion. Draw your boxes on the photo as normal, but then on your paper, make the dimensions of the boxes bigger or smaller (e.g. if your photo has 1 inch squares, make your paper have 1/2 inch squares or 2 inch squares). If you don’t have something specific in mind but just want to work on technique, the internet has a wealth of information, as do most libraries and bookstores. Hope this helps! 🙂

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