How To Add Books To Kindle App

How do I upload .mobi .epub to my Kindle app on android.

I have my Android tablet and have my own ebook files that are .epub/.mobiHow can add it to my Kindle app.*Note not the Kindle tablet just an avg Android tablet.

The Kindle app does not support epubs. Use Moon Reader.The Kindle app does support mobi files. I would use SendToKindle your ebooks are not stolen commercial ebooks. If Amazon catches you stealing commercial books you could be banned for life.

Kindle Touch How to reformat.

Nook help,…Kindle help,…… or Root Your Ereader and Turn It Into Something Else EntirelyFull sizeIf you want to get a few more features from your ereader then it’s time to root or jailbreak it. The process is incredibly easy on a Nook,or a Kindle and once you’re done you can add a few great apps to it to add even more functionality. You can do a lot more with an ereader than just read books and with a little effort you can turn it into a powerful little media consumption machine. is a great question, hope I was able to help. Good Luck…

Used books free shipping

Have you been able to add the Nook app to a Kindle Fire.

How did you do it? Getjar doesn’t seem to work.

Of course you can and you don’t have to root.Just search for “Nook for android apk download” on Kindle Fire’s built-in browser and download & install on Kindle Fire.This guide will help.…

How can I add E-books to my iPhone.

Do I need a “reader”, do they need to be in a certian file format?

Yes, you need a reader. You can install the Kindle App for iPhone here:’ve answered another related question here too. See if it helps:

How do you add the books you have on Kindle to another device.

Like from your Kindle to a kindle acct. on your smartphone or the Kindle Fire??

On the Amazon site you can go to manage my kindle.Log in & you should see all the devices and You should be able to send it to whatever app you would like. On the Fire, you have to download it from the carousel or the cloud by tapping on the cover picture.

How do I add ebooks to the Kindle app on my iPad.

I have some ebooks in Kindle format that I have downloaded to my Macbook’s hard drive. How to I add then to my iPad for the Kindle app?These books did not come from the Amazon website.

I think you can just sync them through itunes if I’m not mistaken, have you tried that?

How Do I Add Books To iPhone.

I Have Some Real Books (Paperback) is there any way i can put them inside my iphone without paying cause i already have it in paperback. i checked in ibooks and the book i have is there. Book: World War Z

Unless you copy the entire book word-for-word and save it on your phone, I don’t think it’s possible to put a real book on your iPhone. I use the Kindle app. Any books I purchase on go directly to my Kindle, or if you don’t own a kindle, you can just have the books downloaded to your kindle app. It’s a real fun and easy application. All you have to do is download the books from amazon on your iPod/iPhone and you can read them ANYWHERE without needing access to WiFi.

Add and sync books to amazon cloud form kindle app for android.

Purchased Kindle books will be synced auto to cloud. Personal kindle mobi or pdf books can’t be synced / uploaded to Amazon cloud.One thing you can do is to use Send-to-Kindle feature to send personal books to Kindle device or Kindle apps. And these books will stay under your Amazon account (under “Manage Your Kindle”). This is not a complete cloud feature, but enables users to upload personal stuff to Amazon account for multi-use.How to use Send-to-Kindle feature.…

How to transfer books from kindle pc app to kindle iphone app.

I just added two books to my kindle pc app and theyre not appearing on my iphone app.. how do i transfer them?

I am assuming these are Amazon purchases, as things like torrent downloads don’t sync…you would have to manually load into each device.Open Kindle app on iPhone, and make sure you are in “cloud” screen (not device). Touch and hold screen while dragging down, then release. This will sync all Amazon purchases (Kindle) to that device. Sometimes it takes a few minutes after purchasing a book before it is available on all devices. You will have to have Internet access to sync Kindle app.

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