Books On How To Be A Leader

I need to prepare a leadership presentation. Any ideas on good leadership books I can use.

I specifically need a book, not just ideas on how to be a good leader.

“What successful Principals do! 169 Tips for Principals” by Franzy Fleck, 2005, Eye on Education, Inc. This can be modified to any leadership and is very easy to prepare a powerpoint from it. each tip is introduced with a quote. Topics include but not limited to goals, expectations, role model, communication, being cordial, interacting with people, personal atributes, and so on.

How to be a leader in the Marine Corps.

I’m a Private in the Marine Corps and I aspire to be a leader. I don’t know where to begin and often times I get to told to shut up by other PVTS and PFCs in my platoon when I try to be a leader. I bought a book call ” Handbook for Marine NCOS” to help me out, but it didnt help much. Can I get…

You need to learn to lead by example.You don’t tell people to clean the spaces— YOU start picking up trash and keep going while the rest call you names… until someone else starts helping you…or the 1st shirt comes in and asks WHY dA fuq is only one guy cleaning the spaces? Free zane books online

How to be a successful hard working leader. .

How to be a successful hard working leader? ?I have a chance to be a manger at my department.But I was wondering what I need to be a leader…someone who my co workers and customers will love. How to handle all the task that’s handed down to me. & Responsibilities etcccJob:Target GSA/GSTL

There have been many books written on the subject of leadership. They can tell you much more about the subject than I can, given that this is a short question and answer format.

What is a good book on how to influence others.

I want to learn how to become a better leader! Do you know any good books with tips for good conversations or ways to impact people?

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Is there a book on how to manipulate people..

I want to learn how to manipulate people if there is a book what is called and is there a ebook download for it??

It’s called “The Prince” by Machiavelli… it was written in the 1600’s, and several rulers and world leaders have read it, and used it as a reference as to how to rule. Most every person who reads it, changes.It’s very hard to read, but if you want to learn manipulation, read this.Also, research Machiavelli- a political genius.

Is there a book on how to make dogs do tricks.

My dogs are well trained but I want to find out how to train them to do tricks.On youtube, the videos are almost non existent. Shows like the dog whisperer is just garbage reality television that teaches dogs to respect the owner and how to be the leader of the pack. I am interested in more specific methods…

There are lots of books and videos on teaching dogs tricks. You can go to the library and ask the librarian to show you where they are. Also since you are on the Internet already, there are lots of good articles about teaching dogs tricks available on line too. Here are a couple of links to some good ones.………

How to be a leader instead of a follower.

All my school years I have always been in the back and I have always had to start conversations first or text a person first or something because I was always insignificant and I dont want to be that girl nobody knows the name of anymore. I want to stop following people and be myself and be a leader. Any tips on…

Don’t you read the Comic Books? ASTONISHING X-MEN #1: “We have to do MORE than IMPRESS them- we have to ASTONISH them!”This is NOT an “okay” thing to do to yourself.You may look back at this day as the blackest in your life. You may wish fervently to return to the state you are now in. That will be impossible.Being a leader is like being Sheriff in those bad Westerns. You have to fill the other guy with lead before they can fill you. There is no: “Aw, I’m tired. I’ii just take this one in the head…!”Scientology says that Humans are capable of functioning on EIGHT DYNAMIC Levels:1. Self 2. Family.3. Groups. 4. All Mankind. 5. All Living Things. 6. The Physical Universe. 7. Spirits. 8. God.There are 40 Awareness Levels accessible.To COMMAND Dynamics, you need to access THESE Levels:8. Self; 12. Groups; 15. All Mankind; 22. The Physical Universe; 32. Spirits; 40. God.That is, if your mind can “jump” from its default state to those Levels, you can *pwn* a Dynamic, and All Their Base are belong to YOU.You learn everything you can about people. EXTRAPOLATE and POSTULATE what you DON’T know. Find weaknesses and deficiencies, strengths and faculties, and use them. Be aware and suspicious- take no one for granted, but plot parameters, and delineate character.DETERMINE your targets’ DEFAULT AWARENESS LEVELS to PREDICT their behavior.Write secret notes and files on people.(If you were a Natural Leader, you would do this all in your head; you are NOT, so you will have to work for a living!)Do NOT let on HOW you are doing this- or you could get lynched!Engage your army in carefully planned projects and exercises. Push people to just short of their breaking points to promote them. Have a place for everybody. Be wary of natural leaders, and exclude them from YOUR army, and DON’T try to assimilate THEM. When you have experience, you will keep lions and tigers; until then, just play with kittens, puppies, sheep and doe calves.Please use this power for Good, not. Evil- or you will end up like Hillary Clinton, or something.

How to Bond With a Dog.

I am planning on adopting a dog from a shelter soon. I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on how I can bond with the dog. I really want to develop a good relationship with him or her, but I don’t know how to do this. I’ve never had a dog that I didn’t get as a puppy. This time I plan on…

Read Patrica MacConnels book on “how to be a leader of your dog and have your dog love you for it”.First and foremost you need to be a benevolent leader of the dog. You need to take all responsibilities, and set limits and make sure the dog knows them, but make sure they are fair and resonsable. Allowing the dog to do anything, sleep on the bed, etc is only asking for trouble.The dog needs to know that you will meet its needs. It needs good quality food, plenty of fresh clean drinking water, a place to toilet, a soft dry and clean bed, exercise, social contact with the family, and toys to keep it occupied.First you need to make sure that you are meeting its needs. Then take time to spend with the dog. Play with it, go on long walks though the woods, massage it, give it your time, and let it be with you. Basically all good things in life need to come from you, but you also need to make sure that it is you who protect it from harm, and that you are the leader.Taking it to obedience classes which focus on positive reinforcement will really help the two of you to begin to work together as a team. Dogs from shelters basically need stability and to know that you will be there and that you will meet their needs. Make sure you strongly consider your own lifestyle and what kind of dog will best suit that.Any mentally healthy dog can bond with you, even if they have not had the best of care in the past. Guide dogs are not raised by the people they end up working with, and yet they form incredilby strong bonds to them, without being giving the run of the house. They are given plenty of mental stimulation, exercise and leadership.

what is the best book to learn how to become a leader.

Im a student and im trying to get on top of things. Any suggestions would help thank you.

On Becoming A Leader by Wareen Bennis is good…and was recommended by Al Gore to his advisers, and it was a huge best-seller. This book mostly seeks to define leadership, and what a good leader is, and what constitutes good leadership–which is very important, of course, since you can’t be a good leader without understand what a good leader IS.

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