How Much Do Kindle Books Cost

I’m planning on buying an Amazon Kindle, how much does each book that you purchase cost.

And can you like rent books on it if you only wanna read a book one?

It varies. It’s always cheaper than the paper & glue book. I’ve seen them in the $2 to $10 range. The Kindle price is on the page for every book that is on Kindle.

How much does self publishing a book cost.

It depends who you go to. Kindle Direct Publishing (, Smashwords (, Lulu ( and CreateSpace ( have no upfront costs – they take a percentage of the retail price whenever someone buys a copy of your book. As the other answer says, you can do things like editing and cover design yourself, or pay someone to do them for you. You don’t have to do any of that – you can put out whatever you want, but if you do a poor job of it, nobody will buy it.Some of the vanity presses charge thousands of dollars for an all-inclusive service, but I’d be wary of going to any of them – they often don’t do a very good job, and (unless you pay them even more to market your book, which they’re also not very good at), marketing the book will be your problem. You’re unlikely to sell enough copies to make a profit.

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What are the different models of the Kindle 3, how many books can they each hold, and how much do they cost.

What are the different models of the Kindle 3, how many books is each one able to hold, and how much do they each cost? I want to get a Kindle 3, and I am trying to find a nice balance between storage capacity and cost. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.

The Kindle product line now involves the following choices:1. E Ink vs LCD displayChoose E Ink (Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard) if long-run reading is your priority; choose LCD (Kindle Fire) if apps/games/video/web-browsing is your priority. E Ink displays ebooks just like paper-based ebooks, using ambient light; LCD displays ebooks just like computer monitors, using back lighting. On the other hand, E Ink is only black-and-white and is too slow for video. LCD does great with those non-reading applications. Further, Kindle Fire has a sophisticated web browser, Silk, which leverages local and cloud storage and processing dynamically, thereby providing high-performance web browsing.2. 5-way controller vs multi-touch vs keyboardChoose 5-way to save money (base Kindle is only $79), multi-touch for easy-of-use, and keyboard for ease-of-typing.3. WiFi vs WiFi+3GChoose WiFi+3G if you wish to download ebooks or browse the web when away from a WiFi hotspot. An ereader with 3G support will be able to connect like a cell phone. Unlike a cell phone, however, there is no monthly fee for Kindle’s 3G service. Note, though, that the web browser on Kindle isn’t so great. Also, once an ebook is downloaded, neither WiFi nor 3G is needed to read it.4. With Special Offers vs Without Special OffersKindle With Special Offers (WSO) Pros:* $25 (WiFi) or $50 (3G) less expensive.* May save more if special offers turn out to be useful to you.* Ads do not show up in the middle of reading an ebook.* I’ve heard only praise from those who buy Kindle WSO.Kindle With Special Offers Cons:* May just dislike ads in principle, even outside of reading experience.

How much do books generally cost on the 1st edition kindle.

Title tells all.

It doesn’t matter what kindle you have, the book store stays the same. They cost MUCH less than buying a standard book. A book that may cost you $25-$35 in store will only cost you around $10 on the kindle. Your paying for the convenience rather than the book itself. Hope this helped!-Matt

How much do kindle books cost, and what are some good scary books to download on them.

I’m 14 years old and I love to read, and I also love to write. My grandma just got me a laptop, and I’m starting to write scary stories on it. My other grandma got me a kindle so I can read more often. I want to know some scary story books that I can buy on my kindle. I like any kind of scary stories. I…

Prices vary – some are free, some are up to $15 or so. However, horror and scary books tend to be pretty cheap. You might like Faustine –… (it’s the first in a series) or Hollowland –…You can also browse at… and see if anything strikes you.

about how much do the books for the kindle cost.

like, about how much does every book cost? is it less or more than a real book would cost? and what is a new york times best seller?

It costs less than $10 on average.If you’re considering to get the Kindle, I’ll suggest you to read this review from a top reviewer who is also a book lover. It outlines quite a lot of benefits of the Kindle and also why it is worth especially at the end of the review: there are some websites like these two, where you can find more than ten thousand free books for the Kindle: this helps.

I’m thinking of buying an Amazon Kindle but approximately how much do the books cost.

I’m not asking for an exact price because the the prices on books will be different but about how much will the virtual books cost or will they cos the same as they do in book shops?All help appreciated! :]

I love my kindle. We have two of them.The most we have paid for a book is 16.00. There are a lot of free ones. Most are around 9.99. I think “The girl who played with fire” was 9.69. (we are in Canada, by the way)The virtual books are quite a bit cheaper usually. They are a lot cheaper if the book you want is only in hardcover.The nice thing is that we can both read the same book at the same time and we do not have to pay for two books. They keep them archived and you can download it to as many as six devices including kindles, PCs, I pods, I pads, etc. If you decide a year from now to change one of you devices you can just de register it and add another so the books that you have in your archives are always available.The books download by wireless in seconds. You can browse books on your PC or on your kindle or on any device. You can preview them first without paying.We got the covers with the lights. These are well worth the money in my opinion.

how much do books cost for the sony reader.

how much does each book cost for the sony reader?

There are $9.99 or above.If you’re considering to buy an ebook reader, I’ll suggest you to get the Amazon Kindle instead. Books on it are much cheaper. Other benefits of the Kindle over Sony Reader incldue free wireless and text-to-speech function. There are more ebooks you can find available for the Kindle too. Here are some good comparison between them: just did a search. For “Three Cups of Tea”, the Sony Reader version is $9.99, while the Kindle version is $8.99 (from the price list table): “Glenn Beck’s Common Sense”, Sony version is $10.79, while Kindle version is $7.19: it helps 🙂

How much does it typically cost to publish a kindle book.

I am a creative writer and am going to want to write a book and want to know usually how much it costs to publish it.

I agree with Bluebellbkk that you should write the book first, revise, correct and polish it so that readers like me will buy it, then find out if Kindle Direct Publishing’s policies have changed. Right now it does not cost any money to publish your book on Kindle, but there are the hurdles of preparing the manuscript so that it is compatible to the software, designing the cover, the legal stuff, the ISBN and whatever else.

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