How Many Michael Vey Books Will There Be

Good books for a teen girl to read on plane trips.

Going somewhere for spring break and going on a plane. Any good books to read while I’m at the airport or in the plane?

Oh, there are plenty! Here are a few if you haven’t read them already! 🙂 :Hunger Games: It’s about a girl named Katniss who lives in a destroyed world. Every year the Hunger Games are hosted in a city called Panam. In the Hunger Games, 12 kids from ages 12-18 must fight to the death!Percy Jackson: It’s about a boy named Percy Jackson. This book is very mythological with the Greek gods and mythological creatures! There are kids called half-bloods who are born of one mortal and one god. The Half-bloods and the gods are in many wars and on many quests. Percy is one of the Half-Bloods.Maze Runner: It’s about a boy named Thomas who has been put into a huge place among many other boys. He and the other boys are in the center of a gigantic maze. The center of the maze is their safe place with houses, a few animals, and food. Every night, the gates to the maze close and only open again in the day. At night, giant monsters roam the maze, but no one knows how to kill the monsters or escape the maze!Matched: It’s about a girl named Cassia who lives in the perfect city. Everything is planned out for everyone. Everything is exact. Their spouses are chosen for them and so is the time they die! But when Cassia had her spouse chosen, two faces appeared on the screen! Who is her rightful, true Match?Michael Vey: It’s about a boy named Michael with special powers. He has electricity. He can shock people. His power is so strong though that he can power a car! He can even kill someone! But there are more people with abilities similar to his. There is a man named Hatch who tries to capture the kids with powers. He gives then everything they want, except for freedom! Michael and a few others try to stop Hatch.Warriors: It’s a book about cats in different Clans. They fight against each other, call truces at time, hunt, and live lives by themselves with other cats, no humans. Many cats die. Many go on adventures to save their Clan and sometimes even the entire forest!I hope you can find a good book out of these! I adore these series and I hope you will, too! Good luck! 🙂 Free urban fiction books

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